Stephen Rotella: Life Before StoneCastle

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Stephen J. Rotella is a popular figure in the cash management industry. With nearly 4 decades worth of experience, he might just be the best thing that happened to StoneCastle. Stephen J. Rotella has been with the company since it was a smaller company and has stayed loyal to the company, seeing it grow to billions of dollars’ worth of assets.

Rotella currently serves as the CEO and president of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. Before joining the SC team, Rotella had been working in various leadership positions in some of the most prominent companies within the finance industry. From his resume, Rotella worked for one of the biggest local arts company in Columbia, Ohio. At BalletMet, he worked as a director in the executive committee. In no time, he was promoted to serve as the Chair of the committee.

When Rotella left BalletMet, he joined Consumer Mortgage Coalition. He was appointed as the president of the company. He stayed with the company for a few before joining JP Morgan Chase.

Rotella worked at JP Chase Morgan for about 18 years. He was with the corporation since the year 1987. From 1987 to the year 1991, he served on some top positions of the company. He started out as the VP of Marketing. He was promoted to be the VP of Finance and later the VP of Business Development. In the year 1991, he was again promoted to serve as the VP of Servicing for Chase Manhattan Mortgage, a position he held for seven years. In the year 1998, he was appointed to serve at Chase Home Finance as the Chief Operations Officer. The year 2001 saw Rotella promoted again. He was appointed as the executive VP of JP Morgan Chase and at the same time served as the CEO of the company’s local finance.

In the year 2005, Rotella left JP Morgan Chase and joined WMI Holdings Corporation. He worked for the company for three years. He was the CEO and president of the company until October 2008. That year, he was again promoted to be president of the retail sector of the company and Stephen on facebook.

Get A Responsible Financial Institution To Hold Your Money

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Are you tired of excessive fees with your current financial institution? NexBank minimizes the fees with innovative features that attracts customers and keeps the cost of banking with them low. Their minimal costs has accumulated over 246,000+ online customers during the past year. NexBank is proudly based in Dallas, Texas and is operated by CEO, John Holt. At a recent financial convention, Holt expressed the need to expand the general counsel to serve his clients and the opportunity to add additional leadership executives that will act on the Board of Directors. Join thousands of others that trust their hard earned money with a leading financial institution.

Amazingly, NexBank is secured by $40 billion dollars in assets and their customers can rest assured that they’re dealing with a secure bank. In a recent effort to raise capital, Holt and his colleagues were able to add $2.4 million dollars to their financial portfolio. They have also been able to help students and parents save on their college tuition with over 1,700+ college savings programs to choose from. On average, students can save up to 36% and reduce the amount of student loan debt that they would have to acquire.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Online bill pay options

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

and more…

There is a friendly professional standing by to give you 24/7 customer service access to your account. You can check your money from anywhere, anytime, from most electronic devices. Get a reliable account that allows you to gain interest on your hard earned money with an interest bearing savings account. Join the thousands of others that have chosen NexBank as a reliable source to house their money. Discover true financial growth today.


The Side Of Anthony Petrello You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Anthony Petrello, the CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries has been characterized in many different ways, many of which have not been entirely true. It is true that he is a very tough dealmaker given that Nabors operates in a very competitive industry, but he also has a very soft side to him that those who know him well can testify to.

Anthony Petrello is the husband of Cynthia Petrello and the father of a little girl named Carena who he loves very dearly.

When Carena was born, she had a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia that affects the brain of infants and often causes permanent disability. In Carena’s case after the PV had passed, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which has since largely confined her to a wheelchair and the need for a feeding tube. The hardest thing for the Petrellos was having the money to consult with the top physicians in the US but having no treatment to be able to give Carena.


Carena’s situation did drive Anthony and Cynthia Petrello to be a part of something else though. They went to the Texas Children’s Hospital in the greater Houston area and started a friendship with Dan and Jan Duncan, the founding trustees of the Duncan Neurological Research Institute at that hospital. The Petrellos saw the dedication of the Duncans and the research facility medical technicians to work towards cures for conditions like Carena’s, and in order to help the endeavor they gave a gift of $7 million. Neurological research has become Anthony Petrello’s chief philanthropy and he is urging many other business executives to join him.

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The Dedication And New Technology Of The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have collaborated with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a customized technical solution. This will give them access to the workflow contained in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records. This program gives information regarding the process of treating cancer without any interruption to the physician. Hundreds of oncologists nationwide have made contributions and the result is a collection of data regarding cancer.

The new system will show all of the treatment options available and prevent guesswork. A patients standard for care will be customized, efficient and safe. The oncologists will have access to the latest cancer research, complimentary therapies and treatment regimens. Supportive therapies and clinical approaches based on evidence will be used to optimize a patients cancer treatment. Also included are the current guidelines, adverse drug reactions, response rates and toxicity.

Since the system has an integrated platform the medical personnel can compare and discuss different treatment regimens and have more confidence in their diagnosis and treatment. The approval of insurance providers can be expedited with data providing the necessary information regarding treatment strategies. In addition the regimen of chemotherapy as well as the ordering process are improved. Information can also be retrieved from a medical library which covers the cost of treatments, clinical outcomes, toxicities and literature.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are based out of Boca Raton, Florida. They are a national network including five hospitals who provide care for patients with cancer. They use a combination of genomic testing, surgery, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment, radiation and chemotherapy.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America use therapies that have been designed to enhance their patients quality of life. They offer emotional and physical support and manage any side effects both during the treatment process as well as after. Their hospitals in Chicago, Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta and Chicago offer help to patients worldwide.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been consistently rated as hospitals who give an extremely high quality of care to their patients. They discuss treatment information with their patients and their families and encourage them to participate in the discussions and make active decisions.

For more information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Money in Politics

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If you want to succeed in politics, you have to run your campaign like a business. A lot of people are struggling to figure out how to get started in this area. Andrea McWilliams is a politics expert who is excited about the future. With all of the experience that she has, she is the perfect person to help you with a political campaign for the future. Not only that, but she understands what it is like to get started in this industry. She is passionate about her beliefs, and she wants as many new people in politics as possible going forward. Because of that, she will help you or anyone else get started in this area.

Andrea McWilliams

From the time she was young, Andrea McWilliams has always had an interest in politics. This has served her well in many areas, and she is ready to start looking towards the future to add value to others. Not only that, but she is also thinking about ways that she can add value in the lives of other people. If you want to start investing in your life in the politics area to run for office, you need someone on your side who understands how to raise money for the future. Having enough money for your goals is one of the most important things that you can do. Not only that, but she is excited about all of the opportunities that are coming in the future.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the world of politics is usually not easy on people who are just starting out. However, there is a huge need for people who are ready to take their life to the next level. Andrea McWilliams is great at what she does, and she is ready to help whoever wants to get started in this area of their life.


Fabletics Establishes Itself By Adopting Innovative Marketing Techniques

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For a brand to be successful in the fashion industry, there are some unspoken rules which brands must follow. For starters, they must be unique. Brands that are just carbon copies of each other tend to not sell as much and are also faced with the immense competition with similar brands. Secondly, they should know their customers and exactly what their customers would want from them. Third, they must be able to give the customers what they say they can give them. Fabletics is a brand that has managed to take those three rules and merge them beautifully to give their customers something that they keep coming back for.


When Fabletics was launched in 2013, it was faced with numerous hurdles which stood in the way of becoming a success. Firstly, it is hard to establish oneself when Amazon controls such a large chunk of the market share, leaving very little room for independent brands to shine. Since Fabletics decided to launch itself as an online store, they had to face competition from Amazon as well as other virtual marketplaces. Their aim to stand out took the company to new heights as the adopted new innovative techniques to sell their product.


People can buy sports and activewear from any store, but the average customer tends to go shopping for active wear maybe four times a year. This means that the clients aren’t getting the freshest and newest trends in active wear. Everyone wants to look good and stylish, even while working out. Fabletics thus devised a plan to keep giving their customers activewear on a regular basis depending on what they want. The site requires customers to register with them. After registration, customers can pick a membership plan and frequency at which they would like to receive the clothes. After that, the customers can sit back, relax and be content with the activewear that gets delivered to their doorstep every month.


By incorporating this technique, Kate Hudson, the owner of Fabletics has given women everywhere in the United States access to the latest sports wear trends without having to go through the effort of actually looking out for them.


Also, the brand wanted to establish them as a prominent activewear store. In 2015, Fabletics set out on their mission to open stores across the United States. However, they decided to go the unconventional route and put in place reverse showrooming in their stores. A large number of people are adverse to the idea of purchasing stuff online, while some worry about the quality of the product they are going to be receiving. Fabletics wants to get rid of all these negative notions from their customer’s mind and show them that their products are genuine and of the highest quality. In their showrooms, customers can choose which products they like online and try them out in stores. The brand makes sure that only the products in stock are shown on their website to avoid disappointment from customers. In the showroom, customers can try on the clothes and then go home and buy the products in their own time.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Results of Marrying Tech With Fashion

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Technology and fashion have a way of helping each other out as they grow. Both industries focus on a future together, with so much commonality. Over the years you have seen technology significantly influence fashion, and even create trends of a high aesthetic value. As Chris Burch says, the world has a brilliant future, especially if it is to continue embracing the results conceived out of marrying tech and fashion.

Looking back into the 70’s you will remember about the boom box that brought about the excitement with the idea of recording and listening to music with so much ease. By 1990 there was already much more fashionable and highly technological systems that made the music experience more personal. People considered the iPod more fashionable, and the entire experience turned out to be great.

Chris Burch’ Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Christopher Burch was born in 1993 and has grown to be a self-made investor in the United States. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, an investment that deals with a broad range of products. As well, Chris is an aggressive marketer and integrates modern day technology and his talent in advertising.

Burch believes in the power of branding. He charges people to work towards establishing different trademarks. He has co-founded a luxury fashion brand where he channels his energy and resources so as to facilitate its growth.

Chris’ Advice on Handling Customers

Chris says that he understands how difficult it is to start up a business. He highlights some tips worth going by to avoid horrible mistakes that could cost your entire capital. He cites that communication forms the backbone of any ventures’ success. Also, learn how to prioritize and delegate. He advises that it helps in avoiding getting jumbled with activities that might eventually render you confused.

Research is also necessary as you will need to understand what the business entails. While at it, you will learn about the clients to avoid. At times, as he says, it becomes better to miss a sale than mess your reputation. He also quickly reminds that you have to work within your means. Evaluate the amount of resource you are willing and able to dedicate to the venture.


Fashion is a wonderful industry as it allows people to exploit their potential. You have the freedom to implement your trendy ideas. When coupled with technology, you will get your brand highly selling. This has been confirmed by several entrepreneurs who understand that essence of synthesizing tech and fashion.


USHEALTH Group Inc. an Incredibly Great Company that Works for All.

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They are a health insurance company based in Fort Worth, Texas. They aspire to be your number one trusted choice for healthcare in America. This is through their subsidiaries National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The USHEALTH Group are determined to provide accident, specified disease, disability, innovative life insurance to families, self-employed people, business owners and their employees. Through their insurance companies, USHEALTH Group has served more than 15 million individuals in their 50 years in business.

What do they offer?

The company understands that everyone has different needs when it comes to disease and accident coverage. They let their customers choose the excellent array of options they provide. Individuals can pick a protection that is appropriate for them. USHEALTH Group has built a broad portfolio of covers that enables customers to have freedom of choice. USHEALTH Group innovative product designs make them qualified to take care of client’s need for reliability, flexibility, and affordability in their insurance covers.

For individuals on a limited budget or those worried about high annual deductions before receiving any benefits from their plan, USHEALTH Group offers a portfolio of innovative products that provide first dollar benefits. These plans are more affordable than other comprehensive programs.

Excellent customer satisfaction is their primary goal, and they conduct themselves uniquely. It creates a long-term relationship with their clients by making sure they are delivering consistently. They have insurance covers for everyone, and they help them choose the best.

USHEALTH Group understands that every client is different and one cover cannot fit all people. For this reason, they provide a broad choice of affordable covers that meet each’s needs. Once a customer chooses the plan, they are comfortable with; USHEALTH Group solidifies it with their exceptional client services.

Winning group

In 2013, USHEALTH Group was ranked among the best companies with excellent customer service by 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center. The company has also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau due to its positive reputation of great customer care. Their average claim processing and payment are top notches, and other companies can only envy them. They have a group of advisors who will take you through all the covers and help you choose the one that suits you best.

Why choose them

USHEALTH Group believes in exceptional care and value. They are affordable, flexible, and secure. Their vast portfolio of plans allows you to choose tailor coverage to your needs and you live comfortably knowing that. They are the inventors in the health industry with more than 50 years’ experience in health coverage.

How The Founders of EOS Lip Balm Beat the Industry’s Best Firms And Dominated The International Market

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EOS Lip Balm was initially a foundation of the former consumer packaging professional Mehra in partnership with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller. Mehra worked for Unilever and Pepsi while Craig worked at start-up incubators. The trio developed the firm after observing that the lip balm beauty industry did not have enough creativity. In those days, the lip balms found at stores all had a similar containment with a professional and dull feel that did not identify as feminine with most users. Mehra stated that they put together their saved capitals to start a small incubator company that would later rival gigantic predecessors such as Chapstick. They hired a clay artist to design different shapes of the balm that would appeal to the female customers.

Mehra explains that they soon realized that they had to create a product that would appeal to all the sensory feels of a person. That way, they would avoid putting out a balm that just had incremental properties of the previous lotions. They picked feminine, soft colors for the packaging, sweet smells such as lavender, clicking sounds, organic and harmless ingredients and delicious flavors. The three founders set the price of the balm to $3 to give it an opportunity to compete with preexisting brands. EOS received its first sales contract on Walgreens before Costco, Walmart and Target stocked it through the strong negotiation skills of an expert sales person. EOS advertised through television ads, magazines, favorite blogs and music videos of famed celebrities such as Britney Spears. They used the influence of figures such as Kim Kardashian to spark interest among their fans. EOS topped the list of the most advertised product several times in a row. Currently, EOS regularly innovates new products to grow their fan base. The firm sells an average of one million balms per week and plans to introduce more ideas into the industry.


Award winning Dr. Jennifer Walden has deep background and expertise in plastic surgery

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Potential clients in the Austin, Texas area in need of an experienced, professional cosmetic surgeon should look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden. She used to practice in New York City, but moved her practice to Texas to raise her boys closer to her family – so she knows what’s important to you.


Dr. Walden is an award winning plastic surgeon who received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas. Following her residency, she moved to New York to pursue a career in aesthetic surgery under a competitive fellowship program. She became the Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, which is still one of the most highly regarded training programs for up and coming plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden also studied with some of the most prestigious teachers in the field of plastic surgery at Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, Florida.


An accomplished author and regular consultant for a variety of media outlets, Dr. Walden is a well known and well respected face in the world of plastic surgery. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Fellow with the American College of Surgeons. Her expertise is wide and sought after by many, and includes breast implants, soft tissue injectables, and even celebrity plastic surgery.