Twins Study Reveals Healthier Life Options

Medical studies have made it abundantly clear that a sedentary lifestyle can shorten a person’s lifespan. A new study of twins in Finland drives this point home more than ever before.

Published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the study looked at cases of genetically identical twins who had similar dietary and exercise routines as children but then experienced different types and levels of exercise as adults with one twin more sedentary than the other. Paul Mathieson told me that researchers found on CNN that even if both twins continued to eat similar foods over a course of three years, the more inactive twin had more health problems than the twin who was more active. Health issues included higher insulin resistance, body fat and brain shrinkage. With the brain, twins who exercised less had less brain matter associated with coordination and motor control.

Critics of the study have pointed out that the sampling size was extremely small: 10 pairs of twins. Additionally, the study only looked at male twin sets and not females twin sets. Some also believe that since the study was not random, the outcomes might differ among larger groups of twins — especially groups that come from different racial backgrounds.

Every twin pair in the study also ate similar foods and critics wonder how the outcomes might have differed if, for example, the more active twin had an unhealthy diet that countered regular exercise.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Plastic Surgery Leader

The field of medicine can do amazing things for patients. Patients who might have once resigned themselves to deal with disfiguring scars or a leg that isn’t quite functional now have many options. A patient can seek out a skilled surgeon in order to get help and regain function in a limb or nearly erase once embarrassing and unsightly scars. Patients have often been delighted to discover just how much help they can get from the medical profession. Doctors are now able to preform nearly amazing transformations, helping patients look far better and feel more confident as a result of their skill.

One such doctor is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a Dallas, Texas based surgeon who has spent many years in the field of plastic surgery. The good doctor has worked hard to help pioneer new kinds of surgical techniques and provide patients with the kind of help they need in order to look their best. Under his leadership, the field of plastic surgery has moved forward into new realms where patients have a vast array of surgical choices at their disposal. The doctor has also worked hard to train surgeons in this field and teach them all that he has learned in his long and storied career.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born in the American great plains. He grew up in rural North Dakota on a farm that his parents managed. During this time, he learned to love medicine and biology. This time also gave him a great love of the outdoors. After graduation from high school, Dr. Rod Rohrich decided to attend North Dakota State University where he earned his undergraduate degree. Dr Rod Rohrich then decided to enter the University of North Dakota for further training in the field in order to prepare him for entrance into medical school.

At this point, Dr. Rod Rohrich entered medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. An outstanding student, he decided to enter the field of plastics. The doctor completed additional training from various prestigious medical institutions including Harvard and Oxford University. During this time, he learned a great deal about surgical repair of the human body. Dr Rod Rohrich’s work here helped him decide to enter the field of academic medicine and help train a new generation of eager young doctors. Since that time, Dr. Rod Rohrich has worked hard to help train new doctors and develop all kinds of new plastic surgery procedures.

Snowshoeing is a Better Workout Than Running or Walking

As a good portion of the country is being beaten down by snowstorms this winter, it is heartening to know that at least something good could come out of it. Researchers in Vermont have found that snowshoeing is actually better exercise than running or walking. So instead of staying in and lamenting the awful weather this season, getting outside and strapping on a brand new pair of snowshoes can help beat the dreaded winter gain said Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

Two independent studies conducted at Ball State University and the University of Vermont showed that people who snowshoe can burn anywhere between 420 and a whopping 1000 calories per hour. This type of exercise provides a fantastic cardio workout and builds endurance and strength as well as balance.

On the lower end of the calorie burn, snowshoeing on a flat terrain provides a relatively easy workout. For more intensity, walking on a powdery hill at about three miles an hour can get you closer to the 1000 calorie mark. Moving through snow in this way helps to utilize more of the major muscle groups. That combined with a higher metabolic rate in cold weather is a fantastic mix for an effective calorie burning workout.

To add to the health benefits of snowshoeing, it’s a low cost exercise and gets people outdoors which is especially important in winter. Oftentimes in winter people don’t get enough Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight exposure which can lead to seasonal depression. Since exercise has been proven to help with depression, snowshoeing it seems is a double bang for your buck. It can keep you healthy both mentally and physically while enjoying the great outdoors.

Obamascare, Thwarted

With the 24 hour news cycle’s need to embellish drama, the uninsured rate hits a new low. This is in direct contradiction to all the fear mongering of the GOP, and the media’s fascination with the healthcare website’s initial troubles. If the metric for success is the roll out, then the new metric should be on the merits of the law.

They are less willing to refer to good news regarding the law with the appropriate name of the Affordable Care Act, but all glitches are termed Obamacare. The racism is not lost on the common citizen of the country. The rhetoric regarding the law is so profane that each individual section of the law if highly favored in polls, but when the results are presented in reference to Obamacare, the polls are less of an advantage.

The law is under direct threat from the GOP via its Supreme Court arm and a trivial lawsuit. Under ever reasonable metric, the law is highly successful. This includes this morning’s news concerning the lower uninsured rate. The latest open enrollment also exceeded every expectation of the law, and it has been extended to benefit more people that are without affordable healthcare.

Coloring Used in Soda Raises Cancer Risk?

Soda has long been named as a health risk, but a new study has come out that just might make soda seem even less healthy than we ever thought. If this new research proves true, then we just might be cutting back on our soda consumption. If this new research proves true, then soda might be doing much more damage to our bodies than anyone originally thought.

Ray Lane says that the new information that has come out links the caramel coloring that is used in soft drinks to cancer. This coloring could help a body grow cancerous, this coloring could be a serious health risk. Soda is popular among people everywhere, it is a drink that not many would want to give up, but it could also possibly be a health risk. Soda consumption could lead to issues, and this new research suggests that it might even lead to cancer.

North American Spine Provides a Health Alternative

North American Spine specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. In recent years, there has been a drastic improvement in the way spinal surgery is performed. No longer is it necessary to make large cuts, which requires a patient to go through months of pain before their back completely heals up. Instead, with a minimally invasive spinal surgery, a patient can be back on their feet in weeks, instead of months, and not only is the pain reduced but the size of the scar is reduced as well. All of this can go a long way in improving the overall quality of life someone experiences after going through the surgery.

Now, not all back problems ultimately results in back and spinal surgery. There are different kinds of conditions that can be treated both with surgery and with other options. Naturally, it is the desire to avoid surgery whenever possible. There are times where it is possible to provide some sort of treatment that does not rely on surgical procedures. However, for those times that do, a patient may be able to undergo a procedure known as Lumbar AccuraScope.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with the Lumbar AccuraScope Procedure. For starters, there is a tiny incision. As it is possible to monitor what is going on through a small camera and monitor equipment, cutting a larger incision into the back in order to see is just not necessary any longer. This way, the tiny incision heals faster, not to mention it reduces any sort of damage to muscles, nerves, blood vessels and the bones around the incision. Plus, the normal structure of the disc does stay the same. All of this results in a drastic reduction in pain after the procedure and improves recovery time. Many people are only out for a fe weeks, but others actually are able to return to work or their daily routine far sooner.

With the utilization of Lumbar AccuraScope Procedure, it is possible to identify the source of pain someone is going through, plus it can treat several different lumbar in the spine with a single incision, instead of needing to make multiple cuts to the back. With this sort of advancement, there really is no other alternative out there that can provide the same level of benefits that this procedure can. All of it is provided by the North American Spine medical professionals.

Bernardo Chua’s Contributions To Human Health

The very respected Dangal ng Bayan Award was personally given to Mr. Bernardo Chua and two members of his Organo Gold team. Organo Gold is a company founded by Mr. Chua in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. The company specializes in the sale of nutritional products such as teas, coffees, care products, and his patented and exclusive Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium, a dietary supplement made from mushrooms.

Mr. Chua made a sudden trip to Manila, Philippines on January 27 2015 to receive the honor. He wasn’t sure whether he would make it, citing previous commitments. However, the trip proved to be worth his time and efforts. The event took place at Manila’s Hemady Square, a popular gathering place.

The Dangal ng Banyan awards were created in 1981 as a motivator for people of Filipino descent to make lasting contributions to society and to recognize notable Filipino products. Mr. Chua received the honor as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur during the event. He took advantage of the festive occasion to recognize the 2014 Organo Gold Rank And Star Achievers, salespeople who achieved sales records, in attendance.

With Mr. Chua’s extensive experience in network marketing and the health industries, he was able to create Organic Gold and enable the company to be successful for 7 years now. Having the very best minds as part of his business team undoubtedly contributed to the company’s success as well, things that did not go unnoticed in the awards ceremony.

Among other accolades Mr. Chua received the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient. He also is active giving back to his local community, serving in organizations that help needy families throughout Vancouver.

Vijay Eswaran looks to improve lives with The Sphere of Silence

Approaching our personal and business lives can be a difficult thing to do, the stress and tension we often feel can make it difficult to focus on what we need to do for the good of our business or family. Vijay Eswaran has become known around the World as one of the most respected and well loved entrepreneurs in Asia, with a reputation expanding across Europe and North America. Vijay Eswaran is also hoping to help the business people of the World live richer, more fulfilled lives with his impressive seminars and book based on ancient Yoga principles that allow individuals to meditate and find an inner peace and greater focus on the important matters in life.

Vijay Eswaran has taken a different approach to becoming a successful businessperson as that taken by many who become successful entrepreneurs. Instead of embarking on a business career straight out of college, Eswaran instead headed to Europe in a bid to experience life and work in a variety of jobs as he looked for his passion in life. Arriving in London, Vijay Eswaran became a taxi driver and was introduced to the workings of multi level marketing techniques that would become the basis for his own QI Group. The founder of the QI Group then returned to school in the US to learn all he could about the new field he was entering, including time spent working with IBM to observe how the practices Vijay Eswaran learned were put into everyday use by a large company.

Throughout this period and now he has achieved multi national success, Vijay Eswaran has continued to use the yoga principles he was taught as a child to assist in his business and personal lives. Vijay Eswaran claims he uses the practice on a regular basis as he looks to focus on the important matters in life, instead of the major issues that affect everybody in the World and can fog our view of the World.

Help the Smokers in Your Life Quit

If any of your loved ones smoke, of course you are concerned about them. Smokers typically have heard it all, but they come to the point where they simply phase out the negativity. They find satisfaction at some level, so, the question is, how do you get them to quit something they love?

There are many options from sessions at the Amen Clinics to gum to hypnotism. But Buzzfeed reports a new option that utilizes modern technology. Ian Wishingrad has partnered with Whoopi Goldberg, both ex-smokers, to create a website with a different spin that might shake them up. grabs the smoker’s attention with an email similar to a death notice or an obituary. Complete with picture, it is a notice of life for loved ones to create to highlight positive areas in the smoker’s life.

The notice emphasizes positive points such as their job, family, a vacation they could take or their children’s marriages that they might miss if they continued to smoke. The idea is to shake the smoker up, so they realize how good their life is now, and how much better it would be if they quit smoking.

Ian invites you to go to the website and email the Truth to your smoker. When they receive the Life Notice, there will be a link that they can click, which will take them directly to, which is a resource from the American Legacy Foundation promoting the Truth Campaign. And it’s a great price – free!

Vijay Eswaran Stresses the Importance of Mental Health in Business

Decided to tackle this because I’ve been reading Vijay Eswaran’s book recently.  I’ve found it pretty inspiring, because of the way that meditation can become a part of daily life, and even lead to great success.  Something that I’ve been searching for.   But it ties into some of the standards that I live my life by, including the notion that being healthy helps you in all aspects of life.

When Vijay Eswaran started his company, it was a small MLM that he thought would provide well for his family. He had plans to expand the company, but he was not planning on expanding in the way that the business has gone. His business is now known as QNET, and it is one of the largest companies in all of Southeast Asia. He is one of the richest people in the region, and he has become an author who shares his insights into the business world with people.

When Vijay started seeing success, he was able to start two charities that help families get their lives together. He was also able to write books about how he has become such a prominent businessman. He is sharing his knowledge with people the world over the make sure that they have someone they can look up to for guidance. His hour of silence is perhaps the most famous of his ideas, and it is an idea that he still espouses today.

Vijay Eswaran is someone who wants to share his business experience with people who want to learn how to become just as successful. He wants to help people get their own businesses off the ground, and he has given money to people straight away to allow them to realize their dreams. This is the way he believes people should share their success, and it is a way you can share your success in the future.

Vijay Eswaran is more than a rich businessman. He is someone who has ideas and resources that he shares with people all the time. In fact, he is willing to give people more than enough information to open their own businesses. He wants to see people succeed so that his homeland can flourish more in the global economy.