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Sanjay Shah

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Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha are preparing for an event to help raise awareness for Autism. Autism Awareness starts on April 2nd in Dubai and Autism Rocks charity event will be there to help raise money to aid in research and development. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Sanjay Shah Denmark and has been going strong with donations ever since. The even will have performers like Tyga and Flo Rida to help raise money along with many different types of fun events happening.

Their son was diagnosed with autism at the young age of two and at the time they weren’t sure what to do. There is no cure for autism but they wanted to be able to do the best they can for their son so they came up with a charity event. Sanjay Shah has been in the business industry for many years and in fact owned his own company called Solo Capital. The company was very successful and allows Shah to semi retire and focus more on the efforts of Autism Rocks.

He soon realized that wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore so he switched his major to the accounting side of the spectrum and began working in the investment industries. His foundation was laid quite sound and it really took off for him. His future with Autism Rocks has grown immensely and he is pleased to have the opportunity to donate the funds to research and development and help those in need. His wife and him have worked very hard to make sure the charity thrives and continues to be successful.

Shrink Haters Efforts with Reputation Management Fixers

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In today market and business industry, it is all about painting a bad image for any downfall for our competitors. The media is today being manipulated by those individuals with money to broadcast some accurate information against certain competing enterprises. Since every business faces problems at different periods through its operation, it has to identify a way of ensuring all its information goes out to the public using a particular channel.

Online reputation management

According to the company Reputation Management Fixers it recognizes certain specific areas that need to be considered for the purposes on online reputation. A search for an engine dominance, social media PR, brand monitoring, brand review and recommendations and lastly negative PR management (should you need to bury negative search results) should be well-strategized. Putting all the requirements above in a good order suggests a good plan to handle your online reputation.

A good engine according to a post on Reputation Management Fixers site they will give an organization an extreme control of their released data. Concurrently, a social media stand will take care of the industry’s relation with its consumers. The brand one-to-one care will give a hand in keeping track of its strength in the market. Engaging a customer review of your business will be purposeful and lastly having an online presence management company that must cultivate the proper name of your firm.

Costs of seeking reputation repair services

Since the power of online information is rapid today due to the technological advancements, it may not seem easy to handle such breakdowns in reputation. Since many consumers seek physical action from the business, you need another partner to work you out online. The online reputation management companies that have stood out to fix this problem may seem very expensive at a glance.

Already your business is at risk of collapsing and may be the information being shared online against you is through more than one website. It is thus a hefty task for the fixers to overcome easily.



Entrepreneur Don Ressler is a JustFab Guy

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Many people who begin their own businesses typically only dream of their corporations growing on a global scale at Many content themselves with being small businesses, with maybe one or two other storefronts opened locally or in a neighboring town. Entrepreneurs, those who dream of their businesses growing on a national and global scale, tend to have much more drive, despite all the down turns and challenges thrown at them from every possible angle.

This is how Don Ressler, along with his partner, Adam Goldenberg, managed to create not just one, but several businesses that have spread their reach beyond the borders of their native United States. Both had had their separate companies, until Goldenberg bought Resslers company, Fitness Heaven. The two became not only partners, but friends, and continued their entrepreneurship together, even after Goldenberg’s business was bought out. When the two found themselves without a business to run, Ressler had the idea to organize a team from their previous companies, and to come up with a new one. This new business was called Intelligent Beauty.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg spread their business reach, blanketing everything under JustFab. They bought many competitors companies, adding them to their own, and ever expanding their audience. They reached out to Europe, and gained millions more avid supporters.

Don Ressler’s JustFab store brand offers a wide selection of fashion products, from bags to shoes. After Don Ressler noticed that many of his supporters had children, he added another branch to the company, FabKids, filled with much the same selections, for children. His audience was made even larger when he had Fabletics to the brand, taking fashion into the exercise world. Fabletics was created in partnership with a famed athlete, Kate Hudson.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg have been able to accomplish, not only their own individual companies, but their shared companies, turning the dreams of many business start ups into a reality so tangible, it seems effortless to those on the outside. Their knack for business, as well as their bond that allowed them to work together so cohesively, is truly what has brought to us these affordable, fun, and fashionable products today, to everyone around the world.