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Julie Zukerberg Does It All

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Women all over the globe have started to take their career into their own hands to accomplish their professional goals of success. The infamous glass ceiling has slowly begun to be cracked and chipped away at, and soon will be nonexistent.

One such woman who worked hard and to become a esteemed and established leader in her industry is Julie Zuckerberg.

She currently works at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruiting Team Lead in New York City.

Zuckerberg worked as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter in the NA Professional and Executive Recruitment department of Citi Global Consumer Bank. She has been with Citi Global Consumer Bank since 2011, and has excelled among her colleagues. She advises senior leaders, leads development projects, and assists industry leaders in various recruitment areas. She is knowledgeable and advanced in business strategies, and specialized in recruiting talent, recruiting strategies, competitive markets and trends, and negotiation. Before that department of Citi, she worked for the Global Functions department, also as Executive Recruiter starting in 2007. She did similar work as she currently does, though it was more focused on developing a program of employment long term cycles and assisting with smooth transitions of job transfers. In 2002, when Zuckerberg started at Citi, she was the Director of Candidate Placement in Hudson. She worked hard and proved her worth and capabilities far beyond herself, which is what led to her quick progression through the corporate ladder.

Before professional employment, she studied at the City University of New York Brooklyn College, and pursued her graduate degree at New York Law School.

Julie is huge fan of animals, especially the of the feline variety, and enjoys her furry friend very much. She enjoys home design and decoration. In her free time, Julie is constantly looking for home improvement projects that she can do herself. Not only does is she always looking to improve her living environment, but she also loves to improve her physical self as well through exercise and running. She stays fit, which keeps her happy and healthy and able to stay positive. She enjoys wearing and shopping for “awesome kicks”, as she refers to her shoes. She gardens and is always trying new recipes in the kitchen. She loves travelling and exploring the world.

Julie Zuckerberg is not only powerful and successful in the corporate world, but also leads a fun and full life socially.


The Life Of The Multi-Talented Markus Rothkranz At A Glance

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Markus Rothkranz Weight Loss Special Epic Finale

Born in Cologne, Germany on August 3, 1962, Markus Rothkranz is an American health expert, author, film director, artist, and motivational speaker. Markus was born with a low immune system that made him susceptible to communicable diseases. As a child, he was almost always sick. His parents moved to Ontario, Canada in 1967 where he spent most of his childhood and attended Huron Heights Secondary School. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 and eventually become an American citizen.

He attended Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida in 1980 where he honed his skills as an artist. To make a living, Markus did design work for architectural firms creating models and designing golf courses, shopping malls, and subdivisions. He also taught night classes. His fine art paintings started selling internationally, from Australia to Europe and Hawaii. He moved to Hollywood at 23 years of age where he did visual effects and design for major artists such as Michael Jackson and Missy Elliott.

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Markus gave away whatever he owned and took a personal break from the commercial world at the age of 30 and took off beginning a long journey of self-actualization. It was during his break when he learned his natural healing life changing truths that would later transform the lives of so many people and make him famous. He wrote his first book, Heal Yourself 101, which sold over 40,000 copies in Germany alone in its first year.

The book included meal plans, diagrams, and recipes for self-healing purposes done at home. The book, which he claims can turn your life around to the point of never getting sick again is among the world’s top best sellers. Markus Rothkranz’s other written works include the Dreamchaser, the Markus Rothkranz Autobiography, Instructions for a New Life, Heal Your Face, The Prosperity Secret, Love on a Plate, the Gourmet UnCookbook, and Edible Plant Guide.

Natural Health Expert

Through his books, Markus Rothkranz has helped so many people in the world restore and maintain their health. He has helped people with pancreatic, breast, and bladder cancer lead fulfilling lives. He helps people who feel like they are stuck in a rut get out and attain personal wellness.

Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)


Markus Rothkranz was a talented artist and did a lot of painting in the 1980s.  However, despite his talent, he found art boring and didn’t like it.

Film Director

Markus Rothkranz has spent the most of his life in Hollywood designing visual effects and directing movies. He got the opportunity to write and direct his own movie in 1995, the movie “To the Ends of Time” which premiered at the Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood as the most famous movie.

Motivational Speaker

Markus Rothkranz’s inspirational books have been translated into over 30 languages all over the world. He, therefore, delivers his self-healing and passionate freedom messages in person at different venues globally.

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IAP Worldwide And Trustworthiness

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IAP Worldwide Services has proved a lot of things to people. One thing that the company has proven is that it is very trustworthy as well as prompt when it comes to emergencies. When there is a disaster that occurs, IAP is one of the first to act on the issue. For instance, it is always on top of issues such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and plenty of other natural disasters that bring a lot of devastation to communities. The contact everyone they can in order to help bring people out of the devastated area and to also help rebuild the area.

When Hurricane Matthew, IAP Worldwide Services has not only gotten in contact with government agencies but have also stayed in contact with government agencies in order to make sure that the victims and their families are cared for. This is one of the reasons that IAP Worldwide Services is actually one of the more valuable companies for government agencies around the world. They have a value for human life and have made some quick decisions in order to help people who have found themselves in a disaster. They also make sure that government agencies are equipped to handle the missions and other objectives that they have to take on.

IAP Worldwide Services is built on the principle of helping others. The people that work for the company have a desire to help others and make the world a better place for them. They are among the people that want to make sure that others are protected so that they can continue to live the best life possible. The people that work in this area are filled with compassion.

IAP Worldwide Services has also been contacted by the U.S. Navy for $900 million. IAP will provide various types of support to the U.S. Navy. Among the ways that IAP will support the Navy is through construction for natural disaster support, and offering support around the world for the U.S. Navy.

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Eric Lefkosky’s Career and Philanthropy

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Born on September 2, 1969, Eric Lefkosky co-founded Tempus- an operating system built to battle cancer. He is the current chief executive officer of the company. Eric also co-founded and acts as the managing director of Lightbank. He has formed many other startups including Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkinngs.

Eric began his career by selling carpets while still undertaking his degree course. After graduating from Law school, Lefkofsky and his college friend started an apparel company called Brandon Apparel. This was after they borrowed from relatives. In 1999, Eric and his friend founded an early Internet company- Starbelly that dealt with promotional products.

Eric Lefkosky acts as a trustee at the Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital, Science and Industry Museum, the Art of Institute, and World Business in Chicago. He chairs the board of trustees at the Theatre Company in Chicago. Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He attained his Juris Doctor at the Michigan Law School.

Teaching and writing

Previously, he taught applied technology at the Depaul University and Northwestern University where he taught about disruptive business models. He currently teaches at the Chicago University as an adjunct professor. Here, he offers a course in entrepreneurship and starting technology-based businesses.

About Tempus, Inc

Founded in 2015, Tempus is a technology enterprise with an operating system that battles cancer. The company has physicians who provide personalized cancer care using analytical, interactive, and machine-learning platforms. The company offers genomic sequencing services. They analyze molecular and therapeutic data that empowers physicians to make a data-driven decision that is real-time. By analyzing data that is in the context of a patient with the same molecular profile, opportunities are realized that help the physician to offer specific treatment options including the FDA-approved therapies. Tempus aims to benefit each patient with the treatments of those who came before. It gives physicians the tools that enable them to learn as they gather more data that will allow them to provide comprehensive treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky’s philanthropy work

Lefkofsky believes a lot in giving back to the society. In 2006, Eric and his wife Liz founded a family foundation, Groupon, through which they give widely to various charities. Their funding areas include health care, education, human rights, medical research, art, and culture. The foundation does most of its giving in Chicago where it’s headquartered.

Eric is best described as a “serial entrepreneur” who has ventured in different charity deeds before co-founding Groupon. Some of their largest sums have gone to Lurie Children Memorial Hospital and Chicago’s NorthShore University Health System.

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Pizza Delivery Man from the Quincy Robbed

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Police in South Brunswick have charged a young man at the Middlesex County jail in connection with the recent robbery that took place at the Quincy New Brunswick Hotel. The young man was charged based on some information that was discovered on his mobile phone.


Parysh Wood, who was twenty-one years old during the incidence is believed to have robbed the pizza delivery man from the Quincy hotel. The Quincy hotel is one of the most respected hotels in the region. The institution was established several years ago, and it mostly caters for the needs of travelers and business executives who are always on the move.


Since it was established, the hotel has earned its reputation as one of the best hotels in the area, serving clients with the best foods. The rooms in the hotel are also spacious and spotless, and this attracts many clients from the world. Visitors at the hotel are able to access entertainment facilities such as free Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool and many other important features.


The police in charge of the case, Sgt. Jim Ryan said that the police had already gathered enough evidence, and they were convinced beyond doubt that he was guilty of the armed robbery. According to the police, the robbery had taken place at around nine thirty in the evening at a parking lot located at the Quincy Circle. The victim, the pizza delivery man, said that he was attacked by people with handguns, demanding for all his money and the pizza he was coming to deliver.


One of the South Brunswick Detectives, known as Ron Seaman said that he has successfully obtained some mobile phone site information around the area and time of the robbery, and they were convinced that the young man was involved. Ron Seaman works with the Middlesex County Prosecutor Office, and he was responsible for collecting the information. The police also said that Wood, popularly known as Pistol by the street name, was helped by two other men in the incidence.