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Dr. Clay Siegall: Leading Cancer Researcher and Innovation at Seattle Genetics

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Dr. Clay Siegall is an entrepreneur as well as a renowned scientist. The Ph.D. holder in genetics from George Washington University co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Seattle Genetics was financed to the tune of $675 million through an initial IPO and from private sources.

Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm operates from Bothell’s Cascade Business Park in Seattle, Washington. Seattle Genetics specializes in the examination and engineering of antibodies to produce cancer drugs. The Seattle company has massively invested in research and has created an antibody that attacks and destroys cancer cells. The investment in research has placed Seattle Genetics on the path to becoming a large pharmaceutical company.

In an attempt to consolidate their position, Seattle Genetics has enhanced the research budget by 64 % to $376 million in 2017. The research has mainly focused on the antibody-drug conjugate or ADC that attacks and kills cancerous cells without harming healthy tissue. This technology ensures that healthy body tissue is not destroyed during chemotherapy.

Adcetris, Seattle Genetics’ premier medication for Hodgkin lymphoma is expected to spearhead the company’s efforts to be the leading cancer drugs producer. According to Dr. Clay Siegall the chief executive, Seattle Genetics’ ambition is to build an illustrious global corporation and not be bought by a large organization. In this regard, Seattle Genetics has opened an international marketing organization in Switzerland.

Seattle Genetics has other drugs undergoing research and testing. One of these drugs, with the acronym 33A, has been developed to tackle the dreadful myeloid leukemia. The other drug, 22ME targets cancers affecting the urethra while LIV1 targets cancer of the breasts.

Seattle Genetics generated more than $415 million in 2016 which is a 46 % increase over 2014. Also, Seattle Genetics’ stock prices have in the past five years risen from $20 per share in 2014 to $66 per share in mid-2017. However, Seattle Genetics suffers the problem of small cities attracting highly qualified researchers. Dr. Clay Siegall is confident about his company’s tenacity in combating cancer. Accordingly, he has internalized the words of a mentor who a long time ago advised him never to take no for an answer.

Before joining Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall served the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991 and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. Also, Dr. Clay serves as a board member at Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Furthermore, he had 15 patents in his name and written extensively on the subject in more than 70 publications.

Jason Hope Embraces the Internet of Things, Focuses on Future of Technology

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Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with his MBA before moving on to become one of the leading tech innovators within the industry. Hope prides himself as a futurist and as someone who is keen on tracking trends and getting to the finished product before his competitors. This mindset, specifically applied to technology, has brought Hope to become one of the most prominent backers of a concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the latest and, Hope believes, most important technological innovation that our world is facing. Let’s learn about the Internet of Things, what Jason Hope thinks of the future, and what other entrepreneurs can take away from these concepts, and

Raspberry Pi 3 Launches — 50% Faster, With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And An Eye On #IoT @riptari

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) February 29, 2016

Jason Hope has spent the past decade honing his skills and building up his reputation as a futurist and he has done this by taking serious stock of the technologies that are coming up and following after him. The Internet of Things is likely going to be the biggest prediction that Hope ends up putting his reputation alongside. The Internet of Things is considered one of the bigger changes in the tech industry because it is looking to fundamentally change the way that we our lives. The Internet of Things, essentially, is a term that encapsulates the rise of smart technology and how it is changing the functionality of our lives. Smart technology looks to automate our lives in ways that makes everything easier. Consider smart cars or the way that we can set our security systems with a few taps on our phone. Smart technology, Hope believes, is going to be the future of everything, and learn more about Jason Hope.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope knows that the birth of his greatest projects comes by way of a disciplined approach to his day to day living. Hope believes in the fundamental nature of keeping your concepts and ideas simple. Hope says, “Over-complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.” Hope starts each and every day with a session in the gym and a large, healthy breakfast. After that, Hope is all business. He focuses on building up concepts and sharing them with parties that he trusts. Hope also is focused on expanding the grant program through his work with the company Jawa. Hope says of this aspect of his work, “I take in business ideas through my official website and I cherry pick the most interesting ideas that I see.”

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21st Century Healthcare Coverage Solutions At Its Finest

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Healthcare coverage is something that most people would love to obtain, but the reality of it is that healthcare coverage comes with a steep price. For those who are employed, these coverages can still remain high, which drastically cuts down on the amount of services that you can receive. There just has to be a better way for obtaining coverage and that way comes in the form of USHealth Group. USHealth Group has revolutionized the healthcare industry with its brilliant way of providing services. The company has over 50 year of experience under its belt. It is also a conglomerate of insurance companies that work together for the greater good.

When it comes to providing the most innovative insurance coverage solutions, this company sits prominently on throne. With such an efficient approach to handling health concerns, USHealth Group has served as well as helped over 15 million individuals. That’s right! Though it is represented by numerous insurance companies, it’s actually headquartered in Forth Worth, Texas. At this location, there up to 500 employees on-deck. The numbers are rather staggering once you get into looking at the statistics. The options are nearly endless thanks to the immense number of services. The company specializes in dental insurance, guaranteed insurance plans, health insurance agent recruiting, health insurance, accident coverage, life insurance and critical illness coverage. This is modern day healthcare coverage solutions at its finest. Being so flexible with its actions, USHealth Group can find and provide affordable payment options for people who are on a limited budget. If money isn’t an issue, the company goes as far as offering tailored coverage plans.

USHealth Group has redefined what proper health coverage is and what it should be. You won’t find another similar company with this much clout or with this much success. If interested in coverages, there are licensed advisors/agents on call at most hours, which can point you in the right direction. The entire gambit has been covered from head to toe. Its LinkedIn social media page is loaded with a ton of information and breaking news within the industry itself. All in all, USHealth Group is leading by example because its changing the current status quo. Read more about Healthcare Coverage Solution at

EOS Medicated Lip Balm Provides Comfort and Healing

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During the holiday season it is very common due to the cold weather in some regions that people’s lips tend to dry out and become chapped and the only way to help their chapped lips is by them using medicated lip balm, refer also to However, many medicated lip balms on the market simply don’t work or they cost a fortune for the ones that do work. Luckily, EOS came out with a medicated lip balm to help their customers who suffer from dry and chapped lips get some relief and healing. The great thing is that EOS medicated lip balm works for people who have chapped lips and does not cost nearly as much as many of the other medicated lip balms on the market that work do. EOS has one medicated lip balm flavor and It is Cooling chamomile, refer to this. Its cooling feeling provides people with a way to help with the pain that their chapped lips cause them. Having a way to deal with the pain of chapped lips is extremely helpful because it allows people to get on with their day without worrying about being in pain at all.

Along with medicated lip balm EOS also sells visibly smooth lip balm which provides customers with the chance to keep their lips as soft and smooth as possible before they end up with chapped lips. Visibly smooth lip balm is a great way to prevent chapped and dry lips simply just by applying it daily to protect against that happening. There are 4 regular visibly soft lip balms’ and 2 limited edition ones that have come out just in time for the holidays. The 4 regular flavors are vanilla mint, coconut milk, blackberry nectar, and honey apple, buy it here at The 2 limited edition flavors are peppermint mocha and peppermint cream for all those peppermint lovers out there.

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Move The Crowd: Fabletics Activewear

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Purchasing power influences trends. And as consumers pay attention to the recommendation of a comment or review, brands are utilizing this information to provide better services and products. This has enabled brands to create more insightful marketing campaigns that birth not only customers but loyal brand followers.


Case In Point Fabletics:

To date, Fablets has evolved to generate over $235 million dollars. Who is this company that has shown growth of over 200% in sales? Sparked in 2013 Fabletics delivered options in activewear that were once almost void. They listened to the people and presented their offering with impressive results. That is the core of why Fabletics currently has over one million members and why the TechStyle Fashion Group is one proud parent company.


Let’s delve into how Fabletics uses crowd power to not only generate revenue but to deliver a better brand to the public.


The Review

It all begins with analyzing to understand the power of a review. It’s been proven that positive reviews have a positive impact on a brand’s sales. This can be the difference from a one time buyer and a brand loyalist.


Your reputation goes a long way and that is why brands and online retailers are providing review interface options to their websites. Reviews bring eyes to your website and the more visits the higher your search rankings and ultimately a higher revenue is generated.


The goal of all brands is to generate the residual income that comes from a returning customer. To nurture this relationship make sure to answer and address all reviewers comments and concerns. This builds trust and encourages customers to return for not only good products but great customer service skills as well.


On Her Business: Kate Hudson

A major element of Fabletics is actress Kate Hudson. Ms. Hudson wanted to do more with her life than Hollywood had to offer. She entered the business world with a great concept, product, and business model. From playing pretty Penny Lane in Almost Famous to earning a pretty penny in the activewear niche of fashion, Kate Hudson and her partners are on their way to creating an iconic brand powered by the people.


Take The Lifestyle Quiz

Currently, Fablectis is offering 2 leggings for $24 for all new VIP members. All you have to do is take their entertaining Lifestyle quiz. You then can surf through their current inventory of stylish activewear.


True power lies in the people Fabletics has to utilize this truth to provide better quality products. This is a win-win for the consumer as well as the brand.

Karl Heideck’s take on hiring process law in Philadelphia

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In Philadelphia, there is the issue of employers trying to get information on prospective employees’ past salaries. Contributing on the issue recently, Attorney Karl Heideck outlined some challenges that are encountered to enforce the legislation to bar employers from asking about those seeking for jobs previous salaries. Philadelphia earned a lot of respect in January when the legislation was mentioned because it became the first Municipality to pass a ban on employers asking to know past crucial information of job seekers. Worker’ rights advocates received the decision with jubilation because it made the hiring process more transparent. Karl Heideck argued that the law’s aim is closing the gender gap since men have been known to earn more than women. Additionally, prospective employers never like to increase salaries to new women job seekers.

Karl Heideck was however categorical that not all Philadelphia employers opposed the legislation. He noted that some viewed the law as a positive way to bring equality to the workplace. One of the most opponents of the legislation was The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who filed a case in court to delay the implementation of the law. Karl Heideck was following the suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He challenged the decision by the Philadelphia Chamber of commerce by saying that even if they cited some reasons that would harm the businesses, it was not easy for them to overturn the legislation. Karl Heideck added that it legal counsels would be required to be present during hiring processes to oversee the question asked. He said that businesses would make sure they consult the legal counsel to avoid court cases that may arise after the hiring process.

Karl Heideck is a practicing Attorney who practices in Philadelphia and specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management and is a member of Hire council since 2015. He offers advice on compliance consulting, risk management advising and matters of litigation; he is an expert in employment proceedings, commercial litigation, corporate law and product liability. Karl Heideck is also a writer and owns a blog where he covers legal news especially concerning Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck has an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College he got in 2003. He graduated from Temple University in 2009 where he earned a degree in law from James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck’s working experience has a long working. In Philadelphia, he has worked for over ten years, helps him to solve complex matters from his clients.

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Thinking outside the tube: EOS lip balm review

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Put down those boring old chapsticks! There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s name is EOS lip balm! Offering a wide variety of flavors, it’s hard to say you don’t want one for yourself. These fun little orbs have indeed revolutionized the game of lip care and the packaging is hard to miss, making it a one of a kind product in the beauty community.

Head over to

The Evolution Of Smooth company otherwise known as EOS, has rocketed in sales following their vegan crystal balms, making them number 2 most sold balms behind Burt’s Bees in a close lead, leaving Blistex and Chapstick in the dust. Celebs have been spotted with these lip balms, such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Fergie…and the list goes on! Not only is it the aesthetic of these wonderful little spheres, but they are packed with nutrient oils, paraben free, hypoallergenic, petrolatum free, and now vegan with their new crystal balms, this is a truly one of a kind product that will change the way we think about lip care, buy here.

Pucker up your pout for these babies, you are helping the environment and keeping our animal friends safe, there is an option for everyone needing a lip balm. Unlike those cylinder style tubes, times have changed and EOS is the better option for keeping you kissably smooth and healthy. I have since tossed my chapsticks out, the packaging makes these easy to find when digging in your purse and hard to lose, view So many reasons why these little orbs have taken over shelves by storm, and they have only just begun. Makes you wonder, what will they come out with next? I’m excited to find out. Check EOS on this fun site,