Adam Goldenberg is a CEO for Every Season

California is a big state with a lot going for it. And, even though there are many places in it that merit attention, there are few places like El Segundo. It is a beautiful place, where beautiful people take looking good and feeling good in the sun to new heights. It is the environment to cultivate fashion and business geniuses such as Adam Goldenberg and the professionals representing JustFab. What is JustFab? Well, it is only one of the hottest, if not the most burning, fashion hub based in El Segundo.

JustFab has a lot going for it, and that seems to be the running trend when it comes to what comes from this company and its CEO. For starters, there is the VIP membership treatment of customers that is nearly trademark and equal to the high-end quality fashion available to them. This goes nearly from head to toe. According to Adam Goldenberg, there are apparel, shoes and bags in the repertoire. The only thing missing is perhaps a makeup and fragrance line to make any look complete. But, without a doubt, every outfit and ensemble from JustFab is sure to impress onlookers and passer-by.

Something else customers and competitors can be sure of is the collective thinking power and experience at the head of the JustFab train. Beside the Co-founder and Co-chief Officer Goldenberg, stands the President and Chief Financial Officer Todd Tappin. Working with the officers and showing just as much dedication are their chiefs of staff. On the team is Chief Stylist Jessica Parker. Hillary Kerr is the Chief Style Expert. And, Tina Germaine Aldatz is rounds out the team as the Chief Sole Specialist.

Currently, JustFab is the ride that Goldenberg devotes his life to with perfect commitment. But, to be honest it is not the first. Before adulthood, he is known for having the Gamer’s Alliance under his direction on The legacy for that association is an advertising network that focused on more than a dozen gaming sites. And after that, there is a short list of other business affiliations with Intermix Media and the beginning of Intelligent Beauty on Meeting Don Ressler and starting that company is most likely the heralding event for the fashion supplier JustFab now. Don is the other CEO of JF. It takes the two of these men less than a decade to grow an empire that spans from the United States to the Netherlands to include Canada, Spain, the UK, France and Germany in between them.


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