Advanced Medical Networks with Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Innovacare Health mostly deals with medical services in Puerto Rico Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. it one of the top and quickest developing firm in the division of healthcare services. Over 7500 providers run the Innovacare Health structures and which has over 200,000 teams of staff members. Delivering astonishing health care to their customers is a major aim of the company, by these they are able to generate a better model that profit new innovation and also being completely combined with the developing technologies.

Currently in this recent generation there is frequently difficulties in heath care surroundings, therefore the main aim of Innovacare is to modify healthcare supervision so that they can deal accurately with the circumstances. Moreover, the company has detailed principals that they adhere to, the principals include excellent medical care, patient needs comes first and the better relationship among the patient and the people who serve them and improved medical networks and lastly establishing the upcoming organizations that require qualified administration. Read more on Yahoo about Innovacare.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the president and the CEO of the organization. Apart from the InnovaCare Dr. Shinto also took in the management of Aveta Inc from the year 2008 to 2012. In Aveta Inc he worked as the CEO and president too. In California he worked at NAMM as the Chief Medical Officer. He worked as a clinical healthcare for more than 20 years which made him get a lot of knowledge. He got his B.S from California University and MBA from the University of Redlands. Not only he worked in medical companies but also he writes various books on healthcare medicine matters.

InnovaCare Health part of new member staff is Penelope Kokkinide, she returned back to the organization because in the past she was there as a staff member. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization and also she served as the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare and Avets Inc. Both together Dr Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinide have over 20 years experience. She worked for Centerlight Healthcare as an administrator she managed the strategic method of the care section. She got a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and Social work master’s degree from New York University. InnovaCare is now partnering with Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) that was established by HHS with the intention of enhancing the payment procedures. With the association Dr. Richard Shinto is certain that these will improve the development of the company. Visit to know more.

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