Bringing Solvy To The Classroom

Alexei Beltyukov has a long track record of doing very well as a businessman, and he has worked on projects with companies like A-Ventures and New Gas Technologies. He likes to have his hands in new technologies that are going to help everyone, and he knows that he has made a good choice to help develop and market Solvy. Solvy is a homework portal that anyone can use, and he is currently selling the platform at education conferences around the world. This is a unique way to do homework, and he knows it will help a lot of kids with their schoolwork.

The portal at Solvy is a two way program. Someone who is using it as a teacher will be able to sign in at any time to put the homework in there, and they can grade it when they get it back. The teachers can receive questions, and they can send them back easily. It is faster than picking up the homework in class, and it helps a lot of homework be put in at once.

The students who signs in will be able to complete the homework online, and they can turn it in fast. They can ask questions, and they can get their answers before they even get to class the next day. It is a great way for the student to delay any confusion, and they can put it on any computer that the family owns.

Alexei Beltyukov believes that it can be used for kids who miss school, and it can be used over holidays. Everyone who is using the platform will get a lot more done when they are using the platform, and they will be more efficient about all their work. Anyone who is trying to learn better can use Solvy, and school systems can use it when they have to put something in place to connect the classroom with home.  Be sure to read more about him on, to really understand Alexei’s message.

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    It is a lot easier to use, and it makes life simple for the teacher who is dealing with a kid who has many questions. It actually gives the kid personal attention. It is of a fact that rush essays do have a lot in common and I know it’s affecting the way they do things too.

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