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Clay Siegall Biotech Takeover

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The power of medical advancements is made possible by individuals who work hard and are fervent about the intended goal of ultimately saving lives. One such individual is Clay Siegall, who is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotech company that develops targeted therapy drugs for deadly diseases such as cancer. The company was founded in 1998 and since then has developed over 20 drugs, created the first FDA-approved anti-body drug compound, and maintains partnerships with leading industry companies such as Bayer, Genentech, and Pfizer. The company has grown substantially since its initiation and has earned its rightful position as a reputable corporation in cancer research.


Dr. Siegall gained his education from The University of Maryland with his Bachelor’s Degree in zoology and received a Ph.D in genetics from George Washington University. His other accomplishments include authoring more than 70 publications and he currently holds 15 patents. He has always had a passion for medicine and curing the diseases and ailments that are seemingly impossible to cure. Dr. Siegall’s interest in cancer treatment was piqued by a sick family member who underwent the brutal treatment of chemotherapy, which in turn almost led to their death. Dr. Siegall learned of other treatments that were no better than chemotherapy and he was determined to figure out a more effective, less invasive and less harmful way to cure the disease.


Over the years, Dr. Siegall has been honored with many awards for his exemplary work in the medical industry and he serves on the board of directors for several organizations. He credits hard work over the course of his professional years to his success. He gained his entrepreneurial knowledge from working for other facilities and learned the techniques of running a business. With the main objective of helping patients, Dr. Siegall believes in the power of targeted drugs and their superseding role they will have in the future over systemic chemotherapy.