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Customers Are Encouraged By Jeunesse Global Products

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Jeunesse global products add very significant value to the lives of many customers. The array of products that Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, founders of the company, have been able to assemble for online retail consumers is astounding.

The two business partners embarked on the launch of Jeunesse in an effort to change and empower people’s lives. They immediately established high standards of excellence for the company’s products and enlisted a team of elite professionals to assist them in forming products that are beneficial to their customers. With a prestigious advisory board that includes doctors and specialists, Jeunesse is able to commit to the same standard of excellence that was established nine years ago when the company was founded in 2009.

It is befitting that Jeunesse would offer a product such as Zen Bodi. The product was designed to help customers have long, exuberant and healthy lives while using dietary and exercise programs to fulfill individual goals. The Zen Project 8 is part of the Zen Bodi supplement program that allows customers the opportunity to set realistic fitness goals without concentrating specifically on weight-loss. In fact, Zen Project 8 is not considered a weight-loss program. It is a fitness project that enables customer’s unprecedented access to proven processes that work for different situations. The gender-specific guide allows unique and appropriate instructions to maximize results.

The Zen Project 8 uses proficient steps that are designed to produce results without starvation techniques that are completely unsuccessful. The three phases of the project empower you to go at your own pace while also being held accountable to meet the goal set. The Zen Project 8 was designed with the help of celebrity fitness trainer Mark MacDonald who has been featured alongside Dr. Oz and a regular contributor to CNN and HLN for fitness and nutrition commentary. He is also a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Jeunesse products encourage a better lifestyle. Products such as Zen Bodi and programs like Zen Project 8 are the reason the company continues to reach consumers in every age group, race and ethnicity all across the globe.

Shimmering Soft Lips with Eos Lip Balm

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As they dive head first into summer, one thing that many people have on their minds is how they are going to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun and heat on their bodies. Finding the perfect sunscreen with an appropriate SPF rating can be hard enough as it is without having to search high and low for a lip balm that can keep up with dehydrated lips. Well the search is over!

Thriving lip balm company, Eos, is delivering an “evolution of smooth” to chapped customers everywhere, and they are doing so in a huge variety of satisfying flavors. The lip balm is crafted from shea butter, rich with Vitamin E, and even includes jojoba oil (an antibacterial antioxidant that is ripe with beneficial minerals). Together they make for a brilliant natural lip balm that will keep your lips soft and beautiful no matter the season. Hop over to this wonderful site,

There are plenty of flavors to choose from when it comes to buying Eos lip balm. So many, in fact that it may make it a bit hard to decide on your first one. Will if be the delightful Pomegranate Raspberry or subtle Honeysuckle Honeydew? You may be more tempted by the creamy Vanilla Mint or quenching Coconut Milk, find more information here. No matter the choice, Eos lip balm has all of your moisturizing needs under control, including lotions and shaving creams. What’s most exciting though is their new appeal to cosmetic aesthetic. View for latest trends.

Eos is not only trying to help you keep your lips soft and moisturized; if you have been looking for a light balm to compliment your make-up Eos lip balm also comes in two “Shimmering” variants. You can have the Sheer Pink balm to compliment your morning blush, or the Pearlescent white balm to add to your moonlit highlight. In either case it is undeniably clear that if you want to enjoy your summer, and flaunt soft, beautiful lips and skin, Eos has got you covered!

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