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Matthew Autterson Has Dedicated Himslef To His Career And Helping His Community

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Matthew Autterson spent 25 years as the President of one of the country’s prominent financial institutions. He began his education at the Michigan State University and obtained his B.A, in Finance in the year 1980. He participated in the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program and the First Trust Corporation represented the beginning of his career. Matthew Autterson worked hard and stayed with the company he had chosen until 1982. He left because he chose to join a small team chartering a new trust company in the state of Colorado. The company was a subsidiary of a financial services company with their headquarters located in New York.

Matthew Autterson did well with Integrated Resources. His career continued to advance and he eventually became the President of the company. The company changed hands in 1989 and yet again in 1998 when AIG purchased the business for $18 billion. Fiserv acquired the Resources Trust Company from AIG in May of 2001. Before the completion of the sale the Resources Trust Company had 200,000 clients and over 15,000 independent financial advisors. Their custodial assets exceeded $20 billion and their employees totaled 700.

Matthew Autterson is on the Board of Directors for Colorado’s Falci Adaptive Biosystems also known as FAB. They are a representation of his interests in philanthropy and the leadership roles has taken responsibility for including the exemplary work he accomplished with both the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Board of the Denver Zoo. He has dedicated himself as a member of the Young Presidents Organization and been on the board for the Denver Hospice and the Webb-Waring Foundation. The contributions he has made regarding his philanthropic activities have had a positive effect on his community.

Matthew Autterson currently serves CNS Bioscience as the CEO, President, and member of their Board. Scott Falci, M.D. was responsible for founding the company in 2013 and it is classified as clinical-stage drug development. Matthew Autterson has become well known as a leader and a philanthropist within the business community of Colorado. He has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping the disabled function within their work environments. His position with Falci Adaptive Systems as a Board Member has given him the ability to help the disabled lead more fulfilling lives due to his work with numerous types of therapists. He has worn many leadership roles in his career and his philanthropic interests and activities have made a substantial difference for the disabled.