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Roseann Bennett: Marriage And Family Therapist Life, Balance And Work

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New Jersey based licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett has over a decade’s worth of experience helping people and families from various backgrounds. Roseann worked as an in-home therapist for several years. Serving individuals and their families primarily in the Warren, Somerset and Hunterdon counties of New Jersey. Roseann Bennet mainly worked with adolescents and their families. As an in-home family therapist, she was accountable for individual, marital and family therapy, treatment planning, case management and crisis management.


In 2009 Bennett and her husband embarked on the establishment of Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit mental health agency. It was opened in 2010 and has helped hundreds of people through internal and external life struggles. The center started off on modest means. Once licensed Roseann and her husband set their offices up using furniture from their own home. They also negotiated a deal with the landlord until they started getting clients. The center stayed open 6 days a week from 8 A.M to 9 P.M and no clients were ever turned away.


Roseann Bennett worked really hard to get to where she is today. In an interview she admitted to having a hard time achieving balance in her life. Roseann Bennett is an excellent therapist and she attributes it to her flaws in her personal life as well. First thing in the morning she’s on the computer checking in on clients, employees and problem solving. She is learning how to maintain balance in her life and shares her experience through her 2 blogs. She regularly updates each with personal and professional experience on mental health and women in the workplace. See This Page for more information.


Bennett is now accountable for overall leadership, direction, and the coordination of programs and activities at Center for Assessment and Treatment. Roseann Bennett moved into this well-deserved role for her dedication in this field throughout the years. With a Masters Degree and Specialist in Education Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy Bennet proves to have the knowledge to run such an establishment. She also proved her ability to manage as an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor and ACS supervisor, as well as being the president for the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Learn more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


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Larkin and Lacey Not Backing Down Anytime Soon

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It is not a surprise that liberal newspaper moguls Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey do not see eye-to-eye with the former conservative Sheriff of Maricopa (AZ) county, Joe Arpaio. When Arpaio was pardoned by newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, the two could not sit idly by.

They launched a campaign against the move that they say was strictly politically motivated. The heavily controversial sheriff had arrested both of the men back in 2007 for “revealing grand jury secrets”, or as Larkin and Lacey would say, “for telling the truth about the sheriff’s corruption”.

The charges were later dropped and ever since Larkin and Lacey have refused to keep quiet about Arpaio’s shady practices. The pair sued and the county agreed to pay them a settlement of $3.75 million.

Michael Lacey said of the move by Trump, “This is the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals”. Larking chimed in on Arpaio saying, “He was a terrible sheriff, a terrible jailer.” Lacey thinks that the only reason for Arpaio’s pardon was for President Trump to gain points from his base of voters, who largely want a closed border. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin:

Larkin and Lacey say that they will use the money that was awarded to them for their false arrest to form the Frontera Fund. This fund will provide grant money to organizations in Arizona that fight for migrant rights in the state. You can just about bet that as long as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are alive, they will fight against Arpaio, Trump, and anyone else who decides to play politics with the lives of others, immigrant or not.

Michael Lacey grew up in a working class family in Newark, New Jersey. After high school he attended Arizona State University. It turns out that college wasn’t Lacey’s cup of tea and soon after he dropped out of ASU, the entrepreneurial bug hit him. He did not care for the media coverage of the local anti-war protests so he and two other students launched a liberal newspaper they call the Phoenix New Times. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

One of those students who helped launch the Phoenix New Times was fellow ASU dropout, Jim Larkin, who had grown up in the Phoenix area.

With Lacey as the executive editor and Larkin scouring for advertisers, the weekly newspaper found an audience among the liberal young people that dominated college campuses. By 1983, the New Times had grown into a fully operation newspaper and the pair purchased Denver, Colorado’s largest independent alternative newspaper, the Westword.

That was the first of many acquisitions and over the next 20 years, the pair had a newspaper conglomerate made up of 17 liberal newspapers across the United States. The newspaper group was now worth several millions of dollars, with a readership in the millions.

Logan Stout: The Entrepreneur Behind IDLife And The Dallas Patriots

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Logan Stout is businessman and entrepreneur who has an immense love for sports and has been able to turn that into a profitable business for himself. Ever since a young age, one of his biggest passions in life was baseball. He was always engrossed in some or the other form of sports, and knew that when he got older, he had to make a name for himself in this field. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots, which is one of the most well known training teams in the entire country. The team has brought numerous notable baseball players to limelight, and has given them the training to be able to shine in the field.

The Dallas Patriots is a team that believes in offering some of the best training to the youth of the country. The organization has helped dozens of children, giving them all the information and training that they would need to be able to establish themselves as good baseball players.

When he was in school, he started playing baseball for his school team, which went on to win numerous championships. He was always a bright student, who believed in working hard to achieve his goals. He was good at almost everything that he put his mind to, which has helped him a lot through the course of his life. When he went to college, he played for his college baseball team at the state and national levels, and brought home numerous trophies. Baseball is not something that Logan Stout just decided to invest into. It is something that has been in his blood for many years, and he has been working extremely hard to achieve his goal of making it big in the sports industry.

One of the other companies that Logan Stout has founded was IDLife. The company mainly produces and sells its own line of nutritional supplements and health drinks that are specially for people who do a lot of physical activity and play a lot of sports. The brand has proven to be extremely successful and is one that has a lot of people using it every day.

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Anthony Petrello’s Excellence in Business

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Recently, Anthony Petrello announced an all-stock transaction to possess a Houston-situated company known as Tesco Corp. The main offices of Nabors Industries are located in Houston. The proximity of the company will prove its effectiveness in the acquisition of Tesco Corp. The deal between the two organizations is expected to shut in the fourth quarter of this year.

Anthony Petrello is particularly intrigued to possess Tesco Corp and help it in the management of its stock that sums to $4.62 per share. The deal entails the stock exchange of Tesco with 0.68 shares of Petrello’s industry. Anthony Petrello postulates that the acquisition of Tesco Corp will substantially boost Nabors Industries due to its line of activities. The primary operations performed by Tesco include manufacturing, designing and offering technology-based solutions for various energy organizations.

Nabors Industries is the biggest operator in the drilling sector. Under Tony Petrello’s instructions, the team drills rig fleets and provide offshore services and performance equipment. The deal Tony has with Tesco will involve Nabor’s affiliate company. Tesco’s platform tools manufacturing and tubular services will positively impact Nabors by offering drilling solutions. According to Anthony Petrello, the operating synergies expectations are estimated to approximately $20 million during the first year. Afterwards, the rates of full-run synergies will hike to $30 million and $35 million. Anthony Petrello provides that transaction will accelerate the two organization’s strategies for the attainment of success.

Anthony Petrello is the key personality at Nabors Industries. He has played a significant role in the augmentation of the enterprise. Anthony leads the company in carrying its operations in various nations including Middle East, Africa, the United States and the Far East. Tony’s expertise is attributed to educational knowledge and experience. He attended the University of Harvard and Yale University. Anthony Petrello earned his J.D degree from the law school of Harvard University. Additionally, Anthony possesses MS and BS Mathematics degrees from Yale University. Earlier in his profession, Anthony Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm, where later was promoted to the organization’s managing partner in the New York-based office. Anthony is relevant in other companies including Texas Children Hospital. There, Tony advocates for clinical programs to aid kids with neurological problems.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage: A Life in Science

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Scott Rocklage, PhD is the managing partner at 5am Ventures, a life sciences venture capital company that he joined in 2003. 5am Ventures is a technologically forward-thinking company that invests in cutting edge companies who are searching for unexplored methods to diagnose, treat, research and cure an array of medical conditions. With over three decades in healthcare management Dr. Scott Rocklage is well prepared to lead 5am Ventures into the future.

Dr. Scott Rocklage received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Berkeley and continued to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he completed his PhD in chemistry. While a student at M.I.T. he had the good fortune of working with Richard Schrock who was a 2005 Nobel Prize winner for his work in Chemistry. After he graduated Dr. Scott Rocklage led a team in researching homogeneous catalysis. He developed an affinity for the business management side of life sciences and pursued health sciences management with a passion. He became the CEO of Nycomed Salutor and then CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals prior to his partnership with 5am Ventures. Read more about him.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been responsible for the FDA approval of three drugs: Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. His passion for leadership, science and business shine through in his role at 5am Ventures. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others and is currently the Board Chairman at Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. He also is a on the Board Pulmatrix and Epirus. His considerable knowledge and education have helped him develop thirty United States patents. He is a prolific writer of over one hundred scientific papers.