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End Citizens United Fights Against GOP Tax Scam

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The United States government is facing one of the toughest challenges it has ever had to endure: the Trump administration. The prominent rise of Donald Trump as the modern-day leader of the Republican party has been made worse by an emboldened GOP that has been willing to go to battle for the wealthy in direct opposition of the common voter. Most recently, this stark contrast between the average voter and who the GOP represents has been made more clear by the passing of the GOP Tax Bill. President Trump campaigned on bringing about tax reform to the United States, but he always said that he wouldn’t leave the working class behind. Instead, the GOP tax bill was a bloated gift to the mega-donor system that has been fundamentally ruining Washington D.C.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is laser-focused on fighting for the voting rights of average, everyday American citizens. The political action committee was established in response to the conservative group Citizens United, led by lawyer James Bopp. Bopp and Citizens United were tasked with fighting the Supreme Court in order to convince the legal system that corporations were people and that donating massive wads of cash to politicians was an extension of their ‘free speech’. Somehow, Bopp and Citizens United won and the political system in America has been on a downward spiral ever since. End Citizens United, led by Tiffany Muller, has made it their mission to fight for voting rights wherever they can while angling toward a constitutional amendment to repeal the SCOTUS decision surrounding Citizens United.

The GOP Tax Bill fits neatly into what End Citizens United has been fighting against because it is an extension of the kind of toxic environment that today’s GOP has cultivated in Washington D.C. Muller said of the recently passed tax bill, “Republicans have delivered a gift-wrapped bill to their mega-donors.” Muller goes on to explain, “Politicians take money from wealthy special interests and in turn advance their interests in Congress.” Muller was horrified at the GOP Tax Bill and for good reason. End Citizens United worked day and night to raise awareness regarding the new tax bill and just how devastating it would be for regular Americans but it was ultimately to no avail. The tax bill passed and now there will be serious fallout for voters everywhere, even those that are supportive of President Trump and the GOP.

End Citizens United has made it their job to point out special interests in Washington D.C. and that is what happened with the GOP Tax Bill. 17 members of the ‘Big Money 20’ donated over $11 million to the GOP in order to help advance tax reform. That kind of free-spending to buy legislation will tell you everything that you need to know.

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