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Donates Money To Families Of Affected Dallas Police Officers

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The sniper attack on Thursday night in downtown Dallas has shocked all. People are praying for the families of all those police officers who were either killed or wounded in this attack.


The banks across Texas are highly concerned and wish to help. A number of member banks have come together through the Texas Bankers Association in order to help the families during this time of need.


The donations are being made to the Assist the Officer Foundation. This is under the Dallas Police Association. It provides immediate financial assistance to the family of any officer in the case of death or injury.


Eric Sandberg is the President and CEO of Texas Bankers Association. He stated that on the next day he was getting calls from bankers if there was a coordinated effort to help the families of these police officers. This was when they decided to do due diligence. The Assist the Officer Foundation was selected as the entire proceeds will go to the needy families. There are bankers in other states who have expressed their desire to help.


NexBank is based in Dallas. It has also donated funds to the families of the slain or wounded officers. John Holt is the President as well as Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, Inc. He has said that support is pouring in from businesses as well as citizens alike. This is a testament to the people of Texas in general.


He says that this is a terrible time. The only thing that people can do now is to pull together in order to help all those who are suffering. He further states that the damage that has been caused by this senseless attack cannot be eliminated. But it will still help to lessen the pain once the victims come to know that the entire state is with them and wants to provide support.