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Patty Rocklage Giving Back Life to Families and the Community

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Patty Rocklage is a marriage and family therapist with over two decades of work experience. She currently has her office in Boston, Massachusetts where she carries out her practice. Patty Rocklage applies her expertise and warmth in communicating with individuals to reach out and help her clients going through the rough life challenges. Many of the people who pay Patty Rocklage a visit are families, couples, and individuals who happen to be at the end of their rope and need professional guidance to navigate the challenges that they are facing.

Patty Rocklage graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. She has had years of experience in the various fields that her practice led her to and which encompass; team building, public speaking, teaching, coaching and community outreach. She has, therefore, gained the skills that have enabled her help families and couples from diverse backgrounds to work through the issues that they weighted with and learn more about Patty.

Patty Rocklage is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage who is a renowned chemist with a strong foundation of the discipline from MIT. Patty and her husband are staunch believers in the importance of the community. For this reason, Patty Rocklage has been involved in community outreach activities and giving back to society. Patty Rocklage stays in Sudbury, Massachusetts and is a well-known and respected member of the local community. She is a volunteer for the Sudanese Education Fund.

The Sudanese Education Fund is and organization that is helping people from Southern Sudan who are residing in Massachusetts. The organization assists these new residents by helping them find stable jobs that would help them to attain financial stability. The education fund also ensures that they have educational stability.

The Rocklages have also been supportive of the chemistry department at MIT and have given financial assistance to the institution. The generous gesture assisted in the renovation of nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs located in Building Two. MIT is in turn showing gratitude for the gesture by displaying plaques of the Rocklages in the refurbished lab spaces and her Website.

I Have Seen Keith Mann’s Scholarship Program In Action

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I am a teacher in a Brooklyn charter school where Keith Mann has offered his time and energy on behalf of our students. He is a kind man who has created a scholarship fund for students in our community, and I am quite happy to see our students succeeding with motivation provided by his scholarship program. This article explains our experience in motivating students with Keith’s scholarship.

#1: The Dream Of College

We want all our students to go to college if they can, and there are quite a few people who are looking at the Scholarship for Professional Achievement as their way out of the neighborhood. I ask children every day if they want to go to college, and they are ensuring they work toward a goal of receiving the scholarship.

#2: A $5000 Scholarship Offer

The $5000 scholarship offer from Keith will help a graduating student every year, and I am delighted to see a student realize the dream of college when they leave our building. Keith has offered the scholarship every year to our charter school students because he believes in their potential, and I share the scholarship information often due to its power in our community.

#3: A Fully-Funded Scholarship

A fully-funded scholarship program will last as long as the Keith Mann family chooses to support it. They have offered quite a lot of money to help children in our community, and I tell children every year that they may one day win this scholarship so they may go off to college.

It is quite simple to apply for the scholarship, and I ask children to do so every year. They are working hard for a better future, and I want to see their hard work rewarded.