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Duda Melzer, A Remarkable and Recognized Business Leader

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With the entrepreneurial skills passed down through his family lineage, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes forth as the President and Chairman of the RBS Group. The RBS Group can proudly place itself as one of the most prominent Brazilian Media conglomerate. The company majors in investments in the digital sector with its operations in the US and Brazil as well. Duda has grown prominently over the years to be one of the most extraordinary businesses. In 2015, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Family Business category as being one of the most effective Ernst and young entrepreneurs. In the previous year, Duda was chosen to compose the list of those leaders in the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Check out Clicrbs to know more.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is to founder and Chairman of e.Bricks Digital in the year 2012. Duda was awarded as the Vehicle Professional in the Cabore Prize and also as the Professional Highlight in the year 2009. He is a member of various entities which include Council of The Ibere Camargo Foundation. The man has grown and become one of the leading Entrepreneurs around the globe. Duda acknowledges the fact that he has worked hard to be one of the best. RBS Group has become one of the largest and most reliable and efficient communication group in Brazil. Eduardo acknowledges some of his inspirational speakers who include John Davis, Jim Collins and Ram Charan.

Ideally, his career as an entrepreneur has taken positive turns as the family business has grown over the years. Essentially, Duda is an amazing inspirational speaker who influences other individuals seeking similar prospects as him. He has ensured that RBS has taken a turn on its acquisitions and even technological advancement. He has seen to it that RBS Group and e.Brick work effectively and efficiently together. Follow him on Twitter

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Wessex Institute of Technology Career

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Are you ready to take your career to a new level? If so, working with the Wessex Institute of Technology is a great way to take it there. A lot of people are looking at career options to change the trajectory of their life. Many people work a lot of hours but are unable to figure out a way to make more money. Getting more education is often one of the best ways to accomplish this. However, you need to make sure that the money spent on education is in an area that is growing. Over the long term, Wessex Institute of Technology has proven to care about customers.


If you want to work for a great company, working with the Wessex Institute of Technology is the way to go. There are a lot of people going back to school to learn new skills, and this presents a growing opportunity for many customers in this area.  Follow them also at