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USHEALTH Advisors Care About Others

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USHEALTH Advisors is not just one company, but it is a group of them that are offering health insurance for individuals and families. There are many people that take advantage of their incredible offerings. They allow people to choose the plan that will work best for their situation so it helps all people.

This company’s motto is HOPE. This stands for Helping Other People Everyday, and that is what they do on a regular basis. Since this is their mission, they stand for offering affordable healthcare insurance. They are professional and reliable in the company. People trust them for what they are able to do. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook.

Once people become members of USHEALTH Advisors, they will be able to login to their account. This is where they can find out all types of information about their benefits and coverage, cost and treatment estimates, health and wellness, RX services and much more. This makes it so convenient for the people that use the company for their insurance needs.

People are extremely happy with USHEALTH Advisors because they are treated nicely and professionally. They know that they will get the best service available with prices that will work for them.

The company is located in Fort Worth, TX, and they can be reached at 1-800-387-9827. They are attracting more and more customers because of their fairness and caring of others. Right now they have over 15 million of them, and this number will increase steadily. Each and every one of their customers is treated with respect.

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Life Line Screening and Bone Density Index

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What is Life Line Screening, what do they do and how is it beneficial to the public?

Life Line Screening is a health service provider that screens and finds any possibly unidentified health problems. They are community-based and hearten any patient to request a follow up with their physician. They are the foremost health screening service in the United States. Life Line Screening uses the same ultrasound equipment that is found in your usual hospitals and are operated by highly trained professionals.

Since 1993 they have provided services to almost eight million patients and screen nearly one million a year in 16,000 locations nationwide. Life Line Screening is devoted to providing the highest quality service at an affordable rate.

Life Line Screening labs are CLA certified and adhere to the improvement amendments created by the United States. The ultrasound equipment and the technicians that operate them do so under strict standardized protocols. Life Line Screening technicians are either registered or eligible to be registered with the ARDMS or CC. Life Line Screening’s staff physicians, which include cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and radiologists bring their expertise to lifeline development.

All physicians that review the screenings are board certified. All screenings are painless, require no preparation and are performed with state of the art EKG and ultrasound equipment. There are several screenings that can be performed. An ultrasound or otherwise known as sonograph is a method that uses sound waves to image portions of the body. While an ultrasound is in progress sound waves transmit targeted areas of the body and the returning sound is recorded.

Life Line uses Doppler color flow ultrasound technology to detect problems such as abdominal aneurysms, carotid artery disease, ankle brachial (peripheral arterial disease) and bone mineral density. In some location’s Life Line also provides finger stick blood screenings which show possible risks of heart disease or diabetes.

Other Life Line blood screenings include lipid panel, glucose, high sensitivity protein and elevated liver enzymes. To detect irregular heartbeat lifeline makes use of an EKG, which requires no clothing removal or any other further preparation. Life Line has reached many milestones in its successful and progressive years, and have extended their reach globally.

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Lifeline Screening: A Provider of Excellent Preventive and Screening Services

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Lifeline Screening is a healthcare organization that offers preventive and screening services to diagnose any unrecognized health problems before they become severe. Lifeline Screening is based in Austin, Texas and provides community based screening services throughout the U.S. It was founded in 1993 and has since expanded to various countries including UK and Australia, under the company name Screen for Life. Lifeline screening works in partnership with numerous insurance firms globally. Several hospitals utilize the insurance cover as part payment for the patient care. To date, the company has screened more than 8 million people.

Professional Qualifications

Lifeline Screening uses modern ultrasound equipment, same as the ones in the hospitals, to efficiently detect any unknown health issues. The medical team comprises qualified professionals who are highly trained and have the necessary skills to carry out safe, non-invasive and painless tests. The laboratories are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified, and the technicians are registered with Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) or American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). For authenticity, the board-certified physicians review results of the screenings.

Common Types of Screenings

Lifeline Screening uses these three types of preventive screenings:

This technique is also known as sonography, and it uses high-frequency sound waves to image various body structures. Ultrasound helps monitor medical conditions in other areas such as cardiology, obstetrics and ophthalmology. Most people are more familiar with sonography in relation to pregnancy monitoring. Ultrasound relays accurate and reliable images for abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, ankle-brachial index screening, bone mineral density checks for osteoporosis risk and carotid artery disease screening. For more info about us: click here.

•Finger-Stick Blood Screening

In this method, a small, painless prick is made on the finger to obtain a few drops of blood that are used to screen for any indicators of liver infections, diabetes and heart diseases. A lipid panel screening is done to measure cholesterol levels while a glucose screening shows the blood sugar level. Similarly, a high-sensitivity C reactive protein checks for any indication of cardiovascular disease, while an Elevated liver enzyme (ALT/AST) screening checks for an indicator of liver injury.

•Limited electrocardiograph

Most people who have atrial fibrillation, popularly known as an irregular heartbeat, do not experience any alarming symptoms. Hence, it is important to undergo limited electrocardiograph (EKG) screening to detect atrial fibrillation, which is a risk factor in several cardiovascular conditions such as stroke and heart failure.

Proactive testing enables you to identify any medical risk so that your doctor can look at it before it is too late. Lifeline screening is an excellent choice for professional screening.

Dr. Scott Rocklage: A Life in Science

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Scott Rocklage, PhD is the managing partner at 5am Ventures, a life sciences venture capital company that he joined in 2003. 5am Ventures is a technologically forward-thinking company that invests in cutting edge companies who are searching for unexplored methods to diagnose, treat, research and cure an array of medical conditions. With over three decades in healthcare management Dr. Scott Rocklage is well prepared to lead 5am Ventures into the future.

Dr. Scott Rocklage received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Berkeley and continued to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he completed his PhD in chemistry. While a student at M.I.T. he had the good fortune of working with Richard Schrock who was a 2005 Nobel Prize winner for his work in Chemistry. After he graduated Dr. Scott Rocklage led a team in researching homogeneous catalysis. He developed an affinity for the business management side of life sciences and pursued health sciences management with a passion. He became the CEO of Nycomed Salutor and then CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals prior to his partnership with 5am Ventures. Read more about him.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been responsible for the FDA approval of three drugs: Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. His passion for leadership, science and business shine through in his role at 5am Ventures. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others and is currently the Board Chairman at Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. He also is a on the Board Pulmatrix and Epirus. His considerable knowledge and education have helped him develop thirty United States patents. He is a prolific writer of over one hundred scientific papers.