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Business Genius and Doctor Jorge Moll: Focusing on Morality

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Scientists in Brazil are still puzzled, and they are trying to search for answers on how the brain works. They also want to know how it correlates with morality, and how it affects each other. Since the ancient times, people are baffled with morality, and they are searching for answers on why it is essential and how it can be triggered (Impressaocerta). Ancient civilizations saw morality as one of the basis to establish the known rules and regulations, and morality is also the basis for most laws implemented in world governments. Morality can also be described as knowing the good and bad. It is the reason why people are showing mercy and empathy in times of suffering, gratefulness and being joyous in good times, and wrath when something terrible happens. Jorge Moll is a Brazilian scientist who has been researching the field of morality through the years, and because of his dedication and hard work, he now finds the answer as to how morality affects an individual. He experimented back in 2006, and the results of it were recorded, and he carefully analyzed each information that he received to come up with a conclusion.

According to his research, the human brain has undergone multiple evolutionary stages through millions of years of evolution. Through the process, the brain managed to create one unique architectural field inside the brain, and it has a specific location that is hidden in the eyes of most people. This architectural design opens once an individual is subjected to moral tests, and it is responsible for providing an individual with a warm feeling when they are actively helping other people. According to Jorge Moll, this groundbreaking research about the human brain would help future scientists understand why morality is such a big deal, especially for humans.

Jorge Moll wishes that future scientists would be using his experiment as a basis for future studies surrounding the human brain. He claimed that the baffling mystery scientists for ages can be unlocked a few years from now, and he knows that the secret behind morality will slowly but surely be unveiled.