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The Secrets Behind The Success of Rocketship Education

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Rocketship Education is a system of charter schools, public schools that do not have to follow the rules that school boards most other institutions of their kind adhere to, with eighteen locations across America. There are twelve in the Bay Area of San Francisco, near the first facility current CEO and President Preston Smith founded in 2007, known for innovation in employing current technology in enriching students’ quality of education.

Preston Smith started his academic career by going to the University of North Carolina and getting a degree in Latin American Studies. He graduated in 2001, immediately traveling back to his home state of California. Smith started teaching in San Jose that same year, then organized a group of parents and fellow educators to found L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School, where he was a Founding Principal. Finding help from tech guru John Danner, the pair brought widespread personalized education at K-5 grades levels around the United States. All eighteen of its current locations – ranging from the San Francisco Bay Area to the nation’s capital, Washington DC – utilize technological devices and the latest programs to teach students on a daily basis.

Educators at this well-known line of United States schools know that Blended learning is a crucial aspect of Rocketship Education’s operations, sending kids grades kindergarten to fifth grade through four class changes every day.

Teachers are required to spend more time preparing students’ individualized education plans. Most other schools only do this for students that are struggling in school. However, because Rocketship Education does this for all its students, the majority of which come from low-income environments with parental demographics to match. Some schools try to accomplish this the other way around, accepting students whose profiles match those that they desire. Rocketship Education makes sure that each school’s diverse base of students has teachers that match their backgrounds, always.

Preston Smith brought together a group of community members, parents, and educators to create LUCHA Elementary School, boasting an API of 881 in his third year as Principal of the school he helped organize. Only three years later did he branch off and form Rocketship Education with the dream to help the low-income families from areas like San Jose.