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Jason hope is an eminent futurist, technological entrepreneur and investor. He makes predictions on trends in technological world. Jason is also a philanthropist passionate about giving back to society. He was born in Arizona, Tempe and went to Arizona State University where he attained a degree in finance. Jason also received an MBA from the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. It is no secret that Jason Hope is a man of great talents.

Jason was first inspired by mobile technology. At this point, he created Jawa, his mobile communication company. Jawa became the mother company to other tech partnerships in the industry. Hope then upgraded to a portfolio of investments from which he currently makes a living. They include companies that deal in marketing, business information systems, interactive software and digital media solutions.

Hope became a devotee of the internet of things. He recently wrote broad content about it at Jason Hope describes the Internet of Things as the greatest wave to ever hit the tech industry. His views are highly valued among the people looking to gear technology forward. IoT is when technology is connected to allow devices to sync with each other. Jason predicts that in the years to come, Internet of Things will be the greatest upgrade to technology.

As a philanthropist, Jason has recently pledged half a million dollars to SENS foundation. SENS is a non profiting organization based in California. It is a center of Research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies aimed at fighting diseases related to age. For more info about us: click here.

In Summary, Jason Hope is a man of numerous capabilities. After his studies at Arizona State University, he has managed to penetrate the tech world like a pro. His interest in the mobile communication technology, led to his company Jawa. Today Jason Hope is a die-hard believer in the Internet of things where devices connect to allow syncing. He predicts greatness for IoT in future. Jason gives back to his community in Arizona through the SENS research organization. All in all, Jason Hope has made a remarkable impact to the world.