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Soothing Flavors For The Lips

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There are quite a few flavors of EOS lip balm to choose from, which makes it hard when I’m trying to figure out which one to get. I like the fruit flavors, so I try to stay stocked on some of those. My favorite is the blueberry acai. There is a prominent blueberry scent as soon as you open the lid. The balm goes on smooth and stays on my lips all day. It’s a scent that reminds me of walking through a field of blueberries, and the pastel blue color of the container looks like a small blueberry. Click for more interesting stories.

Based on, another flavor that I like is the strawberry sorbet. It’s like getting a scoop of strawberry ice cream from the container and putting fresh strawberries on top. This is a scent that I enjoy in the spring and summer. Since these flavors are organic, I know that they are healthy for my lips. There is vitamin E and shea butter in the lip balms, which makes my lips soft. EOS has developed a product that lasts for quite some time because you don’t have to use that much of the product on the lips, check this site. I can get a few balls of my favorite flavors and keep them for a few months.

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