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Greg Secker The Youngest Forex Trader

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Greg Secker was born on February 18, 1975, and is a famous businessman. He is a very famous expert in foreign exchange and has received special attention globally in the field of financial trading. He has written several training books that are focused on training people on how to train people how to trade forex successfully. The books include Financial Freedom Through Forex and also Trading your Way to Success. He has also contributed to the writing of The Book of Success; Everything you ever wanted to know about success. He has also founded several companies including Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and FX Capital. He also founded a Non-Governmental Organization in 2010 called The Greg Secker Foundation. His initiative has helped so many people with certain needs. He has invested a lot of money towards helping those in need.

Greg Secker is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and studied Food Science and Agriculture. He was in England a town called Norfolk. When in school, he used to sell computers and in the process he learned how to do coding. He became a great expert in coding and was employed by Thomas Cook Financial Services as a coding expert. He helped the company towards developing a trading platform which was the first foreign currencies virtues platform. He was awarded for his innovation by British Telecom Award for his innovation in coding such a platform successfully. He later left for Mellon Financial Corporation and assumed his duties as the vice president at age 25. He started achieving greatly at a very young age. When working and dealing with the systems of Thomas Cook Financial Services, he used to observe how profit used to be generated and how people used to trade. He developed his own strategies and later left to work on his own in his living room. He started moving out to seminars and workshops and met great traders. That is when he garnered the coura\ge to speak to crowds and has so far trained people in more than 6000 meetings. He is today a very successful trader and speaker.