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Troy McQuagge Honored for his Leadership Role at USHEALTH Group

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The Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group Troy McQuagge, received a gold award for the CEO of the Year during the prestigious One Planet Awards. This is a global award that recognizes and honors the top performing business and professional in all industries. Organizations across the globe are eligible to nominate their preferred candidates. All categorize of organizations including private and public, largest and smallest, profit oriented and non-profit ones, as well as startups are allowed to participate.

Troy McQuagge began his responsibilities at USHEALTH in 2010. After joining the company, his main focus was to re-structure its distribution agency, a responsibility he accomplished very well. After a successful rebuilding of USHEALTH Advisors, he was appointed President and CEO of the company in 2014. During the time he has been serving as the top executive of the firm, it has recorded massive growth, success and profitability, in an extremely competitive health insurance industry. In his acceptance speech, Troy McQuagge said he was privileged to have received such an award because of his achievement in the sector. He further said the award belongs to all USHEALTH Group employees, because of their commitment in ensuring affordable healthcare services are offered to their clients. Indeed, the firm continues to provide innovative services that follow the growing healthcare needs.

Troy McQuagge’s Professional Background

Mr. McQuagge kicked off his career in early 80’s at Allstate Insurance where he worked for several years. Most of his time was spent in the sale of healthcare insurance. In 1995, he joined UICI/ Health Market and two years later he was named the President of UGA. Under the leadership of Troy, UGA was able to achieve new sales record for several years. In 2006, UICI was sold to a private equity investors, and its name changed to HealthMarkets. Troy was assigned the responsibility of leading the firm’s sales and marketing plans that targeted self-employed clients. Troy at Facebook .

While McQuagge was serving as the President of HealthMarkets’ AMG in 2007, it surpassed $1billion in annual sale volume, and Selling Power Magazine recognized the firm’s achievement and honored it with an award. The health insurance expert was hired at USHEALTH Group’s affiliate USHEALTH Advisors in July 2010 to serve as the President and CEO. Since 2014, he began serving as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, a responsibility he is still discharging. McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a B.A. degree in 1983. He is a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, FL. Currently, he is a resident of Coppell, TX where USHEALTH is based. He has amassed experience of over 30 years sales and marketing, particularly focusing on insurance services. Information was found on