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How the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Has Cemented Its Status as a Leading Health Insurance Provider in the US

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The USHEALTH Group is undeniably a leading health insurance provider with a keen interest in offering solutions tailored to meet your individual health needs. With over five decades’ worth of collective experience, the company has become synonymous with offering affordable and flexible health plans uniquely designed to meet your needs.

Services Offered

  • PremierChoice: The PremierChoice package primarily focuses on providing benefit payments through its Accident and Sickness Plans while avoiding annual deductibles that can consume a significant amount of your income. Once customers are signed up, the first dollar coverage caters for the “rollover” component in each plan. As such, failure to use specified benefits doesn’t automatically constitute to loss.
  • The Secure Advantage Difference: This package promotes flexibility based on its diverse, affordable options. In essence, this package increases lifetime access to both Accident & Sickness coverage beyond the stipulated duration. More importantly, patients can get reinsurance upon the expiry of the current coverage.
  • SecureDental: This premium package affords each customer with a healthy smile based on subscription charges offered. For instance, the Premium Plan commands $150 for family preventive care while individuals are charged $50 per coverage. Alternatively, the Saver Plus Plan covers a diverse range of services including Basic & Major Care, Orthodontic, and Preventive Care at just $150 at the family level and $50 for individuals.
  • PremierVision: The PremierVision package extensively meets the needs of over 71,400 subscribers courtesy of its simplicity and affordability.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the USHEALTH Group has proven to be a reliable provider of insurance solutions to its diverse customer base including families, companies, and individuals. The company boasts of a highly trained labor force adept at channeling their inner instincts to deliver groundbreaking products and services. The USHEALH Advisors are also a part of its competent marketing team.

Group was previously Ascent Assurance, Inc. before it changed its name in March 2005. It was incorporated back in 1982 and grew over the years by providing excellent, innovative products to its growing customer base. It has numerous products that are specially designed to offer customers choice. These include fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, critical illness coverage, dental cover, as well as term life policies for accident, specified illness protection, and life. Read more at about US Health Group.

Why You Should Choose USHEALTH Group

Unlike its competitors, the USHEALTH Group strives at adopting a flexible and affordable vision to satisfy customers. This essentially means that you as the client can rest assured knowing that your needs are in safe hands. Their five decades’ worth of collective experience is sufficient enough to classify them as innovators and trendsetters in the highly competitive industry. Moreover, on top of basic insurance solutions, USHEALTH Group of companies offers supplementary products as well.

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