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Why Join Traveling Vineyard in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley is popularly known for its wine. The area grows some of the best grapes worldwide. Napa offers more than wine to its tourists and newcomers. Traveling vineyard wine guides can participate in other fun activities besides drinking wine.

Things to Do in Napa Valley

The Napa art walk is the home for 3-D arts. This known event features the artwork of creative minds from artists across the country. Tourists can buy the sculptures to fund future shows. At Napa valley historical society, the history buffs will learn about how the geographical site looked like centuries ago. The organization consolidates past data and educates the public about the culture of residents.

The fertile grounds in Napa are ideal for growing olives. Round Pond Estate produces high-quality Mediterranean olives using old-world approaches. They deal with craft and traditional olive oils that contain different herbs, spices, fruits, or flowers. Olive mill hosts will take you through the processing process. Silverado Cooking School offers cooking classes to newcomers willing to cook dishes that match the great wine.

Auberge Spa provides relaxing services through their intense baths and therapeutic massages. The resort has yoga classes, hiking, biking, painting lessons, and hot air balloon riding recreational activities. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the home for all wildlife lovers. Take an exciting adventure to enjoy the California weather and taste wine from outside. The geographical site has gorgeous sceneries like majestic mountains, inspiring tree lines, blue sky, and rolling hills.

Joining Traveling Vineyard gives you the right to run a profit-generating project in the wine land. Traveling Vineyard wine guides plan wine tasting for clients. You receive payment for describing the complex flavors and approving food pairings. The process helps the tasters to choose any wine from the winery.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard business model provides a successful profession different from the traditional 9-to-5 model. The wine guides offer relaxed and free in-home tastings of exclusive wine at the firm. Guests benefit from procedures as they can sample some delicious wines without paying. Guides control their work schedules, environment, and income. The staff enjoys extensive training and excellent support from the company.

Joining the team enables you to receive online training from experienced mentors. The home-based business strategy, incentive trips, fun events, and genuine financial successes have contributed to the growth of Traveling Vineyard. Their presence on social pages helps in marketing their services worldwide. The platforms enable them to interact with their clients as they educate newcomers about the services offered.

Traveling Vineyard History

Traveling Vineyard was established in 2001. Richard Libby and other developers acquired the assets of the traveling firm in November 2010 to restart it. As of 2017, Traveling Vineyard has more than 5,000 wine guides in over 40 states in the US.