ClassDojo Is Becoming The Educator’s Favorite App

There’s so many things to consider about being a teacher from being passionate about it to how you make things interesting for students, or how supportive parents are. But one thing most people who’ve been doing it for years know is that as generations change, the classroom will change with them and you need to be able to reach a technology-driven student with technology itself. That’s why edtech is starting to get attention from the tech entrepreneur guilds and one app that’s been in circulation but is still growing in use is ClassDojo.

ClassDojo, in its simplest form is like a Facebook app but much more learning-oriented as well as geared towards and teachers, parents and even administrators though no teacher needs the administrator to enroll the school in the program in order to use it. It was Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who came to the US several years ago to do some research on US education, and they soon began realizing that there was a void in the classrooms for technology to make them interesting again. They decided they needed to ask teachers themselves what they would recommend doing with an app that could address learning and student behavior and participation challenges. Each idea they heard was incorporated into a new app idea they had taken interest in. After assembling a technical team and receiving some early investments, they released the first version of ClassDojo which put out a behavior point system as its main highlight.

ClassDojo has come a long way from that first release though, and now with its social media side to learning and instant messaging capabilities for all users, there’s now a direct open line between parents and teachers. Since classroom activities and field trips can be posted directly to the student’s page, parents can then see what’s happening and ask more specific questions when students arrive back home. And teachers and parents don’t have to reserve progress reports to just once-a-year parent-teacher meetings; they can now update each other constantly. ClassDojo has received very high ratings and is free to download. Its content is also free, but there are plans to make premium features available in future releases for teachers who want more out of it.

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