CLASSDOJO, the New Teacher in Town!

ClassDojo is a classroom stage for parents, students, as well as teachers that helps promote communication in the classroom. It enables students, teachers, and parents to connect, support and develop student skills. This platform can also help students in the development of major skills like working with others and the act of empathy, through real-time teacher-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

The platform initiation entails teacher’s registration in order to acquire a free account and then to create “classes” with their students. Students have to access the program using an access code initially, and after creating an account, learners can be able to customize avatars, see classes, and see individual progress.

Classdojo is made accessible to parents through teacher invitation, and they also get to witness their child’s progress along with the information put across by the teachers. Students are rewarded through positive feedback when the teacher is impressed with the task or activity in class. Communication between teachers and parents is made easier as they communicate directly through this platform.

ClassDojo is available as a web application accessible to any device that has a web browser and also iPhone (iOS) and Android apps. The company intends on keeping the main platform free for teachers to promote the use of ClassDojo in classroom setups and to encourage not only learning, but also character-building and skill development.

CalssDojo was launched by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, and in less than a year of launching, the app has been pretty active garnering up to 3.5 million users in over 30 countries. ClassDojo launched its first ever Android app in 2014 with the option of different native languages later that year. A messaging function was added allowing direct group communication between teachers and parents.

In 2016 ClassDojo joined forces with Stanford University and released a five-part series of learning videos that discuss growth attitude. The series was a big deal within America, and many students related to it. ClassDojo has been able to reach at least a percentage of millions of kids globally every day.

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