Daniel Taub Is An Advocate For Peace

Daniel Taub was born in Britain in 1962. He declares his heritage to be Israeli, where he proudly announces his Jewish faith. After thirty years in the United Kingdom, he went to Israel and became the Ambassador to that country. When he first met the Queen, he introduced himself as the Ambassador to Israel, and he wore hi Kippah with pride.

He had a strong will to bring the two countries together. Some of the Jewish people thought that he had done just that. In the middle of crisis, Daniel Taub would present Israel’s case to the government.

He would meet with dignitaries, have interviews on such television shows as the Today Show and News night. He would also have sessions with business men and women and those in the academic arena. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב.co.il/wp-admin

His ultimate goal was to try and bring the two countries together. He, and other members of the Jewish community, believed that he had actually done just that. Because of his efforts, relations between Israel and The United Kingdom are probably better than it has ever been.

Britain, for Israel, plays a critical role in Europe because its media is the world’s media. It holds the title for being the world wide financial center. Taub felt that his role there was to help the people understand where Israel was at that point and where the leadership of the nation was headed.

Daniel Taub spoke of the cooperation that had been achieved even through the Middle East Crisis, Gaza and the ISIS situation. Through the turmoil of these crisis, hae had to determine what side to take advantage of and what challenges the country would face as a result.

He knew of the consequences that might have incurred with a lack of humility. There had to be an agreement between the nations. If Iran agreed, they could have their desired nuclear capabilities in ten years.

As Ambassador to Israel, Taub had the responsibility of peace maker for all of the Middle East countries. He worked diligently with his associates who also had concerns about the nations. He did praise the United States for having a relationship with Israel that could not be compared to any other.

The United States was still providing Israel with technologies. To conclude his interview, he stated “I am not ambassador to the Jewish community, but to the Court of St. James…” His retirement was a disappointment for many in the Jewish community.

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