Dr. Dov Rand Uses Healthy Aging Medical Centers to Promote Healthy Living

Dr. Dov Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The main office of the facility is located in New Jersey. Dov is a physiatrist and a specialist in rehabilitation. He attended Albert Einstein Medical Centre for a course in his specialty. It is important to note that he practices peer-review medicine. This means that he only supports what has been prescribed.


Background Information

For an individual working with people, Dov considers patience to be a leading trait when handling patients. He listens to their cases and is sensitive to their needs. Dov understands the value of health optimization in patients. The 50-year-old doctor is a role model and a health fitness expert to his patients.


Service Delivery

To share his services with many people in the society, Dov is working on a book titled It is Not Too Late to Live Past 100. The book offers insight on healthy living. It also provides evidence-based support for bio-identical hormones. Dov enjoys practicing. He helps patients to understand their health by providing healthy insight. To him, a human being is as good as the state of health.



Dr. Dov Rand’s Contribution

Dov’s passion for health reflects his commitment to treating patients who suffer from low self-esteem. He manages a program that emphasizes bio-identical hormones, fitness, and nutrition plus health supplements. He also has a comprehensive plan to facilitate physical examination. This examination narrows down the chances of hoarding age-related diseases.



Dov founded Healthy Aging Centres to promote healthy living. He the organization has a team of qualified professionals to preach health and its vitality. Some of the sessions include healthy eating, consuming high-quality supplements in addition to enrolling for cardio-training. With Dov’s leadership, the organization has served over 500 patients who had age-related diseases. They can testify that their lives have been better with Dr. Dov Rand’s input.


Additional Information

Dr. Dov Rand updates his knowledge via journals. He also conducts extensive research prior to publishing. He is a speaker in health-related symposia. Once in a while, he utilizes his medical programs to educate masses regarding the benefits of leading healthy lives. Dov has invested time and effort in this field. He is a role model to many who aspire to regain their health.


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