Drew Madden at Evergreen Health

The healthcare industry in the United States has many issues. Not only are costs increasing, but the quality of care is declining. This is a major issue as the population continues to get older.

Drew Madden is an IT executive who has a different vision for the future of healthcare. Instead of letting costs increase forever, he believes that companies should utilize technology to help lower the cost of healthcare. There is a lot of new technology that has the potential to change the industry.

Treating Illness Today

If you have a chronic disease today, a doctor will generally spend a few minutes with you to discuss your illness. As a general rule, the same type of treatment is prescribed to each patient. This is the wrong approach to take when it comes to improving the efficiency of the industry.

Instead of treating every customer the same, the healthcare industry should take a personalized approach to healthcare. This is something that Drew Madden believes could happen in the future. With more access to patient data than ever before, doctors can start to prescribe better treatment options that are both more effective and less expensive.

Drew Madden Career

Drew Madden has had a great career in the IT industry. One year ago, he made a move to Evergreen Health Partners. This is a quality company that is truly focused on providing quality patient care. During his time at the company, he has made a lot of positive changes to the way the company conducts business.

Drew Madden believes that preventative care is the future of medicine. Instead of waiting for a disease to happen, people should start investing in their health to prevent diseases. With the new screening options today, this is easier than ever before.

In the coming years, Drew Madden wants to continue working on projects to help patients. There are a lot of people who are excited about the future changes that could take place in the industry.

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