Eric lefkofsky Employ Genome Sequence in Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is the Co-founder of Tempus Company and is dedicated to fight against cancer and provide better treatment services for cancer patients. Eric was born on 1969 September and got raised in Southfield, Michigan. He attended Michigan University and graduated with high honors for his Ann Arbor undergraduate Course in 1991. Later he joined Law School of Michigan University and graduated his Juris degree.

When Liz Eric’s wife got diagnosed with breast cancer, Eric faced agonizing and thought-provoking experience. To add to this, he had never interacted with any cancer patient before, and everything was all new to him. He got Stunned to the realization of the unfortunate treatment that got offered to cancer patients. Though a lot of data got collected about the treatment of patients, there was not an efficient way crafted to utilize that data in the treatment of cancer patients.

From that realization, Tempus was formed. Tempus got created with the primary aim of transforming the way cancer patients were receiving their treatments. Tempus engineered a platform that could analyze both molecular and clinical data of the patient. As a result, a better mode of treatment would get administered with precision.

Tempus also crafted a new way of information storage; progress notes from a physician was challenging to analyze and capture thus they developed software that comprised of recognition of optical character and processing of natural language capabilities. As a result text field with most relevant notes could get changed into structured data which would be essential in the development of care and cancer treatment.

Tempus is also committed to seeing the fee charges in genome sequencing has gown down, this would contribute to rising of more cancer research sectors that would focus on fighting diseases at molecular and cellular levels.

Eric and Tempus work allows gathered clinical information from a patient and molecular data obtained from genome sequencing to be combined to give data-enabled precise medicine. Researchers are hopeful that they will discover information that will be crucial in fighting cancer and other diseases as more data get compared, paired and analyzed.

Currently, Lefkofsky serves in Chicago boards of directors of Lurie’s Memorial hospital, Chicago Art Institute and is also a chairman of Steppenwolf Theatre of Chicago.

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