Eric Pulier Is a God in the Tech World

Few people are more respected in the tech world these days than Eric Pulier. This should not be surprising to most people who follow the major news in the startup community. Eric makes headlines on a regular basis with all of the startups that he has successfully launched over the years. This has made him a bit of a cult hero among all of the young people in Silicon Valley who dream of one day becoming as successful as he is. There are many things that can go wrong when a startup is being launched. Eric has managed to avoid all of these disasters whenever he decides to put one of his new companies out there.


Getting a reputation like Eric Pulier currently enjoys is not an easy things to do. It takes a great deal of hard work and success over a long period of time. Eric has established himself as one of the top people to work with if you want to have your startup become a success. Eric used to work exclusively on his own projects. However, he has now realized the value of working with other people on their various startup ventures. He can become a part of some exciting startups without the headaches that go along with being the guy in charge. Eric actually enjoys not being the guy who has to call all the shots.


Eric has been asked what it is like to have so many people in the tech world look up to him. He says it is very flattering to have so many people be aware of what he is doing. He also says that there is quite a bit of pressure that goes along with his level of fame. He admits that he is always concerned about letting people down and not meeting their expectations. However, he appreciates that people are fans of the work he has done.


Pulier never set out to become famous. However, he has chosen to embrace it now that it has happened. He has said that it is much better to be famous than a nobody.

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