Fabletics Establishes Itself By Adopting Innovative Marketing Techniques

For a brand to be successful in the fashion industry, there are some unspoken rules which brands must follow. For starters, they must be unique. Brands that are just carbon copies of each other tend to not sell as much and are also faced with the immense competition with similar brands. Secondly, they should know their customers and exactly what their customers would want from them. Third, they must be able to give the customers what they say they can give them. Fabletics is a brand that has managed to take those three rules and merge them beautifully to give their customers something that they keep coming back for.


When Fabletics was launched in 2013, it was faced with numerous hurdles which stood in the way of becoming a success. Firstly, it is hard to establish oneself when Amazon controls such a large chunk of the market share, leaving very little room for independent brands to shine. Since Fabletics decided to launch itself as an online store, they had to face competition from Amazon as well as other virtual marketplaces. Their aim to stand out took the company to new heights as the adopted new innovative techniques to sell their product.


People can buy sports and activewear from any store, but the average customer tends to go shopping for active wear maybe four times a year. This means that the clients aren’t getting the freshest and newest trends in active wear. Everyone wants to look good and stylish, even while working out. Fabletics thus devised a plan to keep giving their customers activewear on a regular basis depending on what they want. The site requires customers to register with them. After registration, customers can pick a membership plan and frequency at which they would like to receive the clothes. After that, the customers can sit back, relax and be content with the activewear that gets delivered to their doorstep every month.


By incorporating this technique, Kate Hudson, the owner of Fabletics has given women everywhere in the United States access to the latest sports wear trends without having to go through the effort of actually looking out for them.


Also, the brand wanted to establish them as a prominent activewear store. In 2015, Fabletics set out on their mission to open stores across the United States. However, they decided to go the unconventional route and put in place reverse showrooming in their stores. A large number of people are adverse to the idea of purchasing stuff online, while some worry about the quality of the product they are going to be receiving. Fabletics wants to get rid of all these negative notions from their customer’s mind and show them that their products are genuine and of the highest quality. In their showrooms, customers can choose which products they like online and try them out in stores. The brand makes sure that only the products in stock are shown on their website to avoid disappointment from customers. In the showroom, customers can try on the clothes and then go home and buy the products in their own time.

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