Felipe Montoro Jens’ Views on the Effectiveness of Brazil’s Investment Partnership Program

As 2017 ends, most infrastructural projects in Brazil are as a result of public-private partnerships. Over 18 projects of this kind are expected to commence before the year ends as Felipe Montoro Jens notes. Politicians debated about these developments based on the current impediments facing the Brazilian government. However, the Brazilian cabinet secretary of infrastructure said that they would take place as planned.

Private sector individuals and companies were invited to participate in the completion of the projects. Felipe Montoro mentioned that these developments target new players in the private sector. For Brazil to continue being productive as a country, its infrastructural sector needs to be modernized and expanded. As Tarciso Gomes de Freitas notes, concessions should prevail in Brazil since they attract investors and increase employment opportunities.

Freitas serves as the project coordinator of Brazil’s Investment Partnership Program (PPI). According to him, Brazil is a hub for projects that attract private sector investors. He believes that PPI’s goal is to correct the mistakes made by public-private partnerships in the past. Felipe Montoro mentioned that Freitas gave good responses regarding PPI’s operations when he was interviewed by EXAME Magazine’s editorial director. In the interview, Freitas said that PPI oversaw Brazil’s airport concessions.

PPI Under President Temer’s Term

There were speculations that decisions made by foreign investors to participate in the PPI were largely based on mistakes of past public-private partnerships. Freitas addressed these speculations by asserting that the Brazilian government had moved on. He also said that the foreign investors are aware of the government’s efforts to strengthen its relationships with private investors.

Michel Temer began serving as the president of Brazil on August 31, 2016, after he was sworn in. During his one-year tenure as president, the country’s PPI managed to oversee 44 infrastructural projects. Felipe Montoro Jens asserts that these auctions have an investment value of R $23 billion.

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