Global Tel Link (GTL) Misconduct Allegations by Securus

Securus Technology, a market leader in investigating, correcting, monitoring and promoting public safety, provides solutions regarding civil and criminal justice technology. Apparently, they are expected to release various facts, reports, and findings highlighting Global Tel Link’s (GTL) an inmate communication provider allegations of misconduct and breach of the integrity act. Securus’s report is the first in a series of articles they intend to publish highlighting how GTL’s misconduct and violation of the integrity act.

Securus’s CEO (“Rick”) Smith states that their role in the industry is to provide civil and criminal justice solutions by serving the law enforcers, inmates, friends and family members and the society at large. He expresses his disappointment by GTL for stopping well below the integrity bar that other stakeholders uphold. Instead of focusing on customers best interests, GTL is a lot more focused on making more money thus violating the industry’s mission. To this effect, Securus intends to highlight several facts of systematic misconduct by GTL to shame them for acting below the integrity bar.

The first press release is a 17-page misconduct report against GTL published by Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) highlighting some of the GTL’s wrongdoings by providing outbound telecom services to the inmates when it served the Louisiana Department of Correction. Some examples of the investigated misconducts include programming telephones to rate calls tariffs than the permitted rates and adding extra seconds to the duration of each call.

As a result, Louisiana’s taxpayers spend $ 1,234,000 more due to the four malpractices. Although PSC’s report is 18 years old, this is not the only potential misconduct against GTL. They continue to engage in these malpractices even after the report was released 18 years ago.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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