How The Founders of EOS Lip Balm Beat the Industry’s Best Firms And Dominated The International Market

EOS Lip Balm was initially a foundation of the former consumer packaging professional Mehra in partnership with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller. Mehra worked for Unilever and Pepsi while Craig worked at start-up incubators. The trio developed the firm after observing that the lip balm beauty industry did not have enough creativity. In those days, the lip balms found at stores all had a similar containment with a professional and dull feel that did not identify as feminine with most users. Mehra stated that they put together their saved capitals to start a small incubator company that would later rival gigantic predecessors such as Chapstick. They hired a clay artist to design different shapes of the balm that would appeal to the female customers.

Mehra explains that they soon realized that they had to create a product that would appeal to all the sensory feels of a person. That way, they would avoid putting out a balm that just had incremental properties of the previous lotions. They picked feminine, soft colors for the packaging, sweet smells such as lavender, clicking sounds, organic and harmless ingredients and delicious flavors. The three founders set the price of the balm to $3 to give it an opportunity to compete with preexisting brands. EOS received its first sales contract on Walgreens before Costco, Walmart and Target stocked it through the strong negotiation skills of an expert sales person. EOS advertised through television ads, magazines, favorite blogs and music videos of famed celebrities such as Britney Spears. They used the influence of figures such as Kim Kardashian to spark interest among their fans. EOS topped the list of the most advertised product several times in a row. Currently, EOS regularly innovates new products to grow their fan base. The firm sells an average of one million balms per week and plans to introduce more ideas into the industry.


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