I Have Seen Keith Mann’s Scholarship Program In Action

I am a teacher in a Brooklyn charter school where Keith Mann has offered his time and energy on behalf of our students. He is a kind man who has created a scholarship fund for students in our community, and I am quite happy to see our students succeeding with motivation provided by his scholarship program. This article explains our experience in motivating students with Keith’s scholarship.

#1: The Dream Of College

We want all our students to go to college if they can, and there are quite a few people who are looking at the Scholarship for Professional Achievement as their way out of the neighborhood. I ask children every day if they want to go to college, and they are ensuring they work toward a goal of receiving the scholarship.

#2: A $5000 Scholarship Offer

The $5000 scholarship offer from Keith will help a graduating student every year, and I am delighted to see a student realize the dream of college when they leave our building. Keith has offered the scholarship every year to our charter school students because he believes in their potential, and I share the scholarship information often due to its power in our community.

#3: A Fully-Funded Scholarship

A fully-funded scholarship program will last as long as the Keith Mann family chooses to support it. They have offered quite a lot of money to help children in our community, and I tell children every year that they may one day win this scholarship so they may go off to college.

It is quite simple to apply for the scholarship, and I ask children to do so every year. They are working hard for a better future, and I want to see their hard work rewarded.

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