John Verne Explores the Secrets to Becoming Successful in Business

John Verne is an accomplished business personality and avid entrepreneur. His vast experience in creating, growing as well as selling business has made him an expert in the field. Through a podcast dubbed as Knowledge For Men, Verne shared his advice about how individuals can get out from their comfort zone and succeed in business.


  • Be a Leader


Verne advises individuals to become leaders as opposed to being bosses. He does this by comparing a boss and a leader. A boss utilizes his title to attain his goals. A boss not only demands respect from others but also does what is best for him. On the contrary, a leader makes sure that he earns the respect of his subjects. He then uses the earned respect to meet the goals that he and his team members have put in place.


  • Win-Win


Avoid situations that are win-lose. This means that you should try as much as possible to attain a win-win situation. In business, this means a win for you, for your employees and for your customers.


  • Be a Good Listener


According to Josh Verne, you should speak less and instead listen more. Talking less makes you to sound and appear more authoritative. This is because your words will be more meaningful.


  • Healthy work-life Balance


This means that you need to make progress in different areas of your life. Hence, make sure that you improve your personal growth, relationships, health and wealth on a daily basis.


  • Identify your Passion


Finding something you are passionate about is important to avoid being bored. Finding your passion will allow you to wake up early and skip irrelevant events without being forced to do so.


John Verne


Josh Verne is a prominent entrepreneur and businessman. He is well known as the founder and CEO of, which a Pennsylvania-based peer-to-peer platform for content sharing between college students. FlockU shares viral content including opinions, news and any other information such as sex.


Verne has also been involved in the creation of other successful business entities. is one of the successful business founded and sold by Verne. Before being sold operated as a platform that deducts various purchases from the payroll. He founded the company together with Jon Dorfam, his childhood friend. Additionally, Verne has previously served as the co-president of Home Line Furniture.

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