Julie Zukerberg Does It All

Women all over the globe have started to take their career into their own hands to accomplish their professional goals of success. The infamous glass ceiling has slowly begun to be cracked and chipped away at, and soon will be nonexistent.

One such woman who worked hard and to become a esteemed and established leader in her industry is Julie Zuckerberg.

She currently works at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruiting Team Lead in New York City.

Zuckerberg worked as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter in the NA Professional and Executive Recruitment department of Citi Global Consumer Bank. She has been with Citi Global Consumer Bank since 2011, and has excelled among her colleagues. She advises senior leaders, leads development projects, and assists industry leaders in various recruitment areas. She is knowledgeable and advanced in business strategies, and specialized in recruiting talent, recruiting strategies, competitive markets and trends, and negotiation. Before that department of Citi, she worked for the Global Functions department, also as Executive Recruiter starting in 2007. She did similar work as she currently does, though it was more focused on developing a program of employment long term cycles and assisting with smooth transitions of job transfers. In 2002, when Zuckerberg started at Citi, she was the Director of Candidate Placement in Hudson. She worked hard and proved her worth and capabilities far beyond herself, which is what led to her quick progression through the corporate ladder.

Before professional employment, she studied at the City University of New York Brooklyn College, and pursued her graduate degree at New York Law School.

Julie is huge fan of animals, especially the of the feline variety, and enjoys her furry friend very much. She enjoys home design and decoration. In her free time, Julie is constantly looking for home improvement projects that she can do herself. Not only does is she always looking to improve her living environment, but she also loves to improve her physical self as well through exercise and running. She stays fit, which keeps her happy and healthy and able to stay positive. She enjoys wearing and shopping for “awesome kicks”, as she refers to her shoes. She gardens and is always trying new recipes in the kitchen. She loves travelling and exploring the world.

Julie Zuckerberg is not only powerful and successful in the corporate world, but also leads a fun and full life socially.


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