Logan Stout’s Journey Towards Developing IDLife

Logan Stout loved sports and baseball as a youngster. He always wanted to be the best in what he did so he used to look for ways of developing winning strategies in the classroom, sports field, and his hobby project. Stout attended J.J Pearce High School in Texas, a place where he has spent his entire childhood. Logan earned the prestigious title of MVP during his senior and junior basketball seasons. While at Pearce, he played both basketball and baseball.

Mr. Logan always wanted to become successful in his endeavors. Stout became a professional baseball athlete. He has taken part in 17 World Series events coaching or playing. Logan valued education, so he joined Panola and graduated with a business degree. Additionally, he attended the University of Dallas where he graduated with a degree in psychology. His work experiences include serving as a coach at Dallas Baptist University and playing baseball with Fort Worth Cats.

Mr. Logan has written a book which he passes his knowledge to inspire others and to offer baseball education. In his book, Stout gives a detailed account of the strategies he used as a college athlete, youngster, entrepreneur, and coach. Stout encourages people to follow their heart desires and to do enjoy their lives. Logan is a renowned motivational speaker who has given talks in numerous venues. Several publications and online journals have either mentioned or featured Mr. Stout’s achievements in IDLife products and Dallas Patriots.

IDLife is a retailer that specializes in providing customized health nutrition supplements. The rapidly-growing wellness and health company recently announced its partnership with the popular Garmin International Inc. Customers can now buy products from Garmin’s line on IDLife.com. The two companies are working on developing an application that will enable consumers to manage their wellness and health.

IDLife aims at ensuring that people lead a healthy lifestyle by providing them with high-quality nutritional products and customized vitamins. By collaborating with Garmin, IDLife is in a better position to strengthen its mission to acquire appropriate and adequate tools and professionals in ensuring that they deliver sustainable services to their clients. Through integrating digital technology, the company can satisfy the wellness and health needs of the current generation.

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