Nathaniel Ru: Sweetgreen Success

As a Georgetown undergraduate, Nathaniel Ru and three other close friends, wanted a little more out of life. Being fed up with the choices of college foods, they developed a plan and founded one of the greatest salad chains on the market today. Eight years later, after their graduation, Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues, started one of the hippest and up-beat salad chains. Their salad chain was created to bring a fresh alternative to other salad markets, by providing a farm-to-salad atmosphere. Nathaniel Ru’s salad chain is called Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen started in 2007 and was funded by the help of 40 friends and relatives.


Today, Sweetgreen is in 31 nationwide areas, and hoping to reach to 40 by the end of the year. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru, are all founders of Sweetgreen and they all three come from families of entrepreneurs. While coming from business families, they all had a vision of building a business on their own, but also wanting healthier food choices in Georgetown.


The vision of Sweetgreen came from the three friends being disciplined. Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues knew that they did not want to just produce a regular type of salad, but wanted something more for healthier options. Nathaniel Ru, along with the other founders, has stated, “We knew that we weren’t selling just a salad leaf, We’re selling a set of values that are about doing everything right, sustainable, and I mean that in the business, in the food that we serve, in the way we hire and treat people in our stores, in our community, on the farms we work with, in the way we build our stores.”


Sweetgreen has completed three rounds of venture capital funding, totaling $95 million. It has gained so many great reviews, along with community and local support. People are finding, that it is not just a salad or a piece of lettuce, there is taste and values behind each bite, and because of the farm-fresh taste, the salad is considered more as a meal at Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru, as a college student, definitely had dreams and aspirations of a business chain. As graduation got closer, he knew that deep down, he didn’t want that life.

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    They were dedicated to their vision, and soon after, the creation of Sweetgreen developed. Now, he has created and founded his dream and loves every part of it. This is so interesting and I believe that essay writers will use this to their advantage as well.


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