“No Poo” Shampoo Is The Way To Go

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Sulfate-free shampoo has so many benefits for your hair and skin. Also known as “no poo” shampoo, it only contains natural ingredients that will not strip your hair of its natural moisture. It will also reduce any risk of an allergic reaction since there at no sulfates present. You will notice that sulfate-free shampoos will not lather but that’s just because they don’t contain a bunch of harsh chemicals. When you use a shampoo that is not laden with a ton of chemicals, your hair and skin will be much healthier and you won’t have to buy a bunch of additional products to help doctor your dry hair and skin that has lost all its moisture due to using chemical-filled products.

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WEN hair care products are all-natural products that will leave your hair feeling healthier and more natural-feeling. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and will leave your hair feeling strong, manageable, and moisturized. WEN hair care products were developed by Chaz Dean, a passionate hair stylist, and is made form natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, panthenol, rosemary extract, and wild cherry bark. In a three-week study of using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, testers found that their hair was more moisturized, had more shine, and became more manageable. WEN Cleansing Conditioners are ideal for all kinds of hair types and textures and are safe enough to use on color-treated hair.

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Some organizations tend to ignore or delay the response to complaints made by their clients. This is quite irritating to the customers and may even force others to quit the organizations. However, with White Shark Media, your complaint or compliment is used to make their services better for you as a customer. The company realized that despite the many compliments, they were also receiving some complaints from their clients. They therefore decided to work on each of the complaints to ensure that they did not occur again.

For example, some clients complained of losing touch with their AdWords Campaigns. This was a result of most of the clients not understanding how the AdWords campaign works. The company offers proper information about the working of AdWords campaigns to their clients before they begin. This ensures that they know where to access a specific keyword or ad. For services that White Shark Media does not offer such as SEO services, the company offers review on the SEO proposals and work provided by the company that the client wants to work with. All the client needs is to send the materials of the SEO company to their SEM strategist who works with the senior staff in evaluating them.

White Shark Media has also greatly improved their client support and communication following the complaints. For example, it sends monthly performance reports to their clients which they review together with their SEM strategist during the online conference held via GoToMeetings. This enables the clients to understand the results and also be educated on strategies that the company intends to use to improve performance. To communicate with the contact person assigned to them, clients are also provided with phone systems through which they can call them directly.

An in-house performance tracking process for AdWords was also initiated when some customers said that they didn’t know how to track performance. White Shark Media installs call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics in some cases, all for free to facilitate this. Call tracking is also important for clients who have majority of their customers making enquiries via phone. This service is possible due to the partnership between White Shark Media and Marchex.

White Shark Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that was founded in 2011 by Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart and Andrew Lolk. Given their great experience in both offline and online marketing, they have developed to become one of the only 29 Google AdWords Premier partners in the US. They offer you innovative, cost effective and flat fee marketing solutions. They provide Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence. This ensures that you can easily understand your digital marketing strategies and make the most out of it. With White Shark Media, you can worry less about digital marketing.



Dental Care and Sleep Apnea Expert; Dr. Avi Weifogel

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The typical everyday routine of Dr. Avi is getting to the office at 6 a.m and immediately engrosses into a one-hour prayer session. After praying, Dr. AVI chit-chats with his counselor for another complete hour. This done before any work formalities prove to be the recipe for an excellent work day for renowned doctor Dr.Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi is a dentist and also the proud owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He is an expert with vast knowledge on sleep disorders and their treatment. Initially, Avi was simply a qualified dentist, but in the incubation stages of his career, he developed an interest in the sleep medicine world which he later ventured into fully. He helps identify patients with the disorders and helps them through treatment and eventually recovery.

Avi Weifogel points out that the major backbone to his productivity is the positive criticism he gets and also doing what he does best over and over again. This is a booster to his career giving him strength and room for improvement. Dr. Avi is a social individual who is enthusiastic about working with people all over the world and also with other disciplines for exposure. Click here to watch video.

Dr. Weifogel is part of the major GoFundMe campaign that funds surgical operations for children, therefore, having the satisfaction of every child having a healthier and brighter future. This gives hope to many especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with effective solutions.

Since the commencing of his career in January 1996, Dr. Avi ensures that he delivers excellent cosmetic dental and sleep disorder solutions to his clients. He is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry where he got a DDS and at Rutgers University where he earned a BA in Biology and Psychology. Avi’s dedication, passion, and aspirations are a perfect revelation that he offers the best solutions to dental care needs and sleep disorders.

Facebook: Facebook.com/DSMasters.drAviWeisfogel/

Troy McQuagge Honored for his Leadership Role at USHEALTH Group

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The Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group Troy McQuagge, received a gold award for the CEO of the Year during the prestigious One Planet Awards. This is a global award that recognizes and honors the top performing business and professional in all industries. Organizations across the globe are eligible to nominate their preferred candidates. All categorize of organizations including private and public, largest and smallest, profit oriented and non-profit ones, as well as startups are allowed to participate.

Troy McQuagge began his responsibilities at USHEALTH in 2010. After joining the company, his main focus was to re-structure its distribution agency, a responsibility he accomplished very well. After a successful rebuilding of USHEALTH Advisors, he was appointed President and CEO of the company in 2014. During the time he has been serving as the top executive of the firm, it has recorded massive growth, success and profitability, in an extremely competitive health insurance industry. In his acceptance speech, Troy McQuagge said he was privileged to have received such an award because of his achievement in the sector. He further said the award belongs to all USHEALTH Group employees, because of their commitment in ensuring affordable healthcare services are offered to their clients. Indeed, the firm continues to provide innovative services that follow the growing healthcare needs.

Troy McQuagge’s Professional Background

Mr. McQuagge kicked off his career in early 80’s at Allstate Insurance where he worked for several years. Most of his time was spent in the sale of healthcare insurance. In 1995, he joined UICI/ Health Market and two years later he was named the President of UGA. Under the leadership of Troy, UGA was able to achieve new sales record for several years. In 2006, UICI was sold to a private equity investors, and its name changed to HealthMarkets. Troy was assigned the responsibility of leading the firm’s sales and marketing plans that targeted self-employed clients. Troy at Facebook .

While McQuagge was serving as the President of HealthMarkets’ AMG in 2007, it surpassed $1billion in annual sale volume, and Selling Power Magazine recognized the firm’s achievement and honored it with an award. The health insurance expert was hired at USHEALTH Group’s affiliate USHEALTH Advisors in July 2010 to serve as the President and CEO. Since 2014, he began serving as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, a responsibility he is still discharging. McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a B.A. degree in 1983. He is a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, FL. Currently, he is a resident of Coppell, TX where USHEALTH is based. He has amassed experience of over 30 years sales and marketing, particularly focusing on insurance services. Information was found on http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13954535.htm.




Coach Yanni Hufnagel

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Who is Yanni Hufnagel? It is definitely not a household name you hear everyday. It is a name quite difficult to pronounce by just reading it. However, this young assistant coach in college basketball has a Jewish name that will be heard more and more on TV because he has a bright future in the world of basketball. Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale, New York and he loves basketball. He made the varsity team in high school but was cut from the team. He graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree and then went to University of Oklahoma to earn a master’s degree. There, he would work as a graduate assistant coach for Oklahoma’s basketball team and would help develop players like Blake Griffin. His young resume includes his work as an assistant coach and recruiter for Harvard, Vanderbilt, University of California Berkeley and currently, the University of Reno, Nevada. Yanni Hufnagel has established himself as one of the best young recruiters in the country. One of the key factors of being a great college head coach is to be able to recruit the best prospects in high school basketball and bring them to play for their program. The NBA today have young head coaches like Brad Stevens in their 30s and if the trend continues, then Yanni Hufnagel might be one of the next young head coaches to lead an NBA team. This bright young coach will then be a household name and we will all learn how to properly pronounce his name.


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Demi Lovato Joins Hands With Fabletics

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The great body champion Ms. Demi Lovato is in close association with Fabletics. Ms. Demi wants to launch a great line of activewear which was a brand declared on May 8th.

  1. Lovato has been sharing her workouts and message on Snapchat and Instagram. She is in collaboration with Fabletics to unveil limited volume of clothing that appears awesome on all the people. Ms. Lovato has worked along with Ms. Hudson on this collection, and it is known to be arriving soon. It is accessible in various sizes like XXS up to 3X. Her designs exhibit great message by her song lyrics that include unbroken and confident.

She takes immense pride in revealing the fact that she has been in partnership with fabrics which is a firm that supports comprehensiveness. It will make you feel beautiful from within. It is a big aspect of my life and is pivotal for me to produce a line that is highly fashionable.

The first limited edition of Ms. Lovato begins next week. The line will be highly reasonable also. You will be able to get two leggings for just $24. This activewear brand has got its limited edition collection. It is a real association between Fabletics, Demi, and Kate.

This collection amalgamates the brand’s modern fitness requirements and also its aspects with the designs that are inspired by the music of Ms. Demi. This exceptional piece has got fabulous styles that are based on the confidence of the workout. It has got the outstanding personality of Ms. Demi and an entirely great sense of fashion in it.

The bold tops mix the function and forms and also the leggings to get you on track. This famous collection helps in promotion of a positive body and provides lots of confidence. Ms. Lovato’s group, Fabletics will be supporting the partnership with Girl Up. It is a campaign that makes the girls compelling to be a force for changing the girls at all the places.

Fabletics will actively support Girl up’s strategy that facilitates girls with spare parts and bikes. Girls can move fast with a motorcycle and commute daily to school with utmost ease. This makes them pursue their education quickly. The bikes facilitate a great mode of transportation.

According to Ms. Hudson, Ms. Lovato first happened to meet her in the gum when she was traveling. She got very much influenced by her inner self and her honesty.

  1. Lovato and Ms. Hudson want to appear friendly with this association. Fabletics have entered into the partnership with the Girl up movement previously. Ms. Lovato was known to have done the promotion of an item on Instagram. It was pivotal for me to make a line that is available and has a great degree of fashion element in it.

Amazon controls at least 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. It is developing a $250 million business in 3 years. Fabletics makes utilization of a subscription to sell the clothing to the customers. Customers always adore the brands that are great.

The brands that are of high value have been defined by the quality of the services or goods. The recognition of the brand and exceptional design are pivotal to what the great value brand is to the consumer nowadays.

Wengie’s Morning Routine 2016

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Wengie’s morning routine 2016 includes a list activites that she does from the time she wakes up in the morning until she leaves her home for the day. These activites include making her staple breakfast, moisturizing her face to putting on clothes.


Wengie starts her day by being awoken by her alarm clock. She stated that waking up in the morning is difficult and she prefers to not use the snooze button because it only makes her more tired. She arises from her bed and proceeds to the bathroom to brush her teeth.


She brushes her teeth and proceeds with a mouthwash. She then uses a lip moisturizer due to her lips becoming dry after using the toothpaste. The next step in her routine is preparing breakfast.


Wengie prepares a microwaved vegetable soup every morning that consists of a vegetable stock, chopped mushrooms and tomatoes. She simply throws these ingredients into a microwave safe bowl until the vegetables are lightly steamed. She removes the bowl from the mircowave and tops it with avocado slices and spinach leaves.


After her breakfast as been made, she heads over to a corner in her loft near a large window. Here she watches inspirational morning videos while she eats her breakfast. She stated that she prefers to avoid checking social media in the morning to prevent cluttering her mind.


Once her breakfast is finished, she proceeds to her bedroom and makes her bed, which she states that her cat really enjoys.


Wengie then describes her skin care routine. She starts off by using a toner to clear away dirt and oil. She claims that over cleansing your face is not good and should be avoided. After the toner, she uses a moisturizer and a sunscreen by a makeup brand that she prefers. She then does her makeup and starts off with a BB cream foundation.


She contours her face, curls her lashes, uses mascara, colors in her brows and uses a mild colored lip gloss. For her hair, she simply lets down the braids that were in her hair the night before for a wavy look.


She then puts on a light summer outfit consisting of shorts and a light top.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Helping Make Tremendous Progress in Cancer Research Through Data Aggregation

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Cancer has taken millions of lives over the years and continued to spread like an epidemic all over the world. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are burning the midnight oil to find a cure to this terminal disease to save lives. Even though there has been a rapid advancement in the field of cancer therapies, there are many questions still unanswered, and many puzzles that remain unsolved. It is where the role of centralized and integrated data from cancer patients can play a significant role in helping the physicians and scientists to provide better cancer treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky, better known as the founder and Chairman of GrouponInc, a company that aggregates merchant deals to pass on the benefits to the consumers, is also the co-founder of Tempus. Tempus is dedicated to gathering cancer-related data in a segregated and organized manner that would make it usable for the physicians and the cancer-based scientists. Eric Lefkofsky believes that there is ample amount of patient data available, but no proper source where therapeutic and genomic information can be available at one place. He further explained in detail how there is an urgent need for such source of accurate patient data in San Diego at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference.

Mr Lefkofsky told what Tempus does and how it gathers and provides molecular, clinical, therapeutic, and outcome response data at one place. He says that such data would help in knowing why one medicine works for some patients while not working or mildly working with other cancer patients. Eric stated that such data should be readily available to the researchers so that they can pinpoint the problem with the therapies and know what is lacking so that they can fill the void.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States, and apart from being the co-founder of GrouponInc and Tempus, he is also the founding partner at Lightbank, a venture capital firm and Uptake Technologies, one of the most sought after predictive analytics platform. He is also the founder of Mediaocean, a company that offers media procurement technology, and InnerWorkings, a leading company providing print, media, and promotional solutions.

Twitter: Twitter.com/lefkofsky

Learn about Anthony Toma, the Successful Entrepreneur Behind Nine9

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Anthony Toma is the CEO and Founder of Nine9, the UnAgency seeking to transform the entertainment industry. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Toma revealed that the idea to create Nine9 first came to him as he was still in the grocery business. He purchased a modeling and acting franchise that was unsuccessful that ultimately led him to create his firm dubbed Coral Reef Productions in 2003, which rebranded to Nine9.

Antony’s typical day begins with him preparing his children and taking them to school. At work, he responds to emails, check his social media for worldwide trending topics, and hold meetings with his employees at Nine9. Toma brings his ideas to life by utilizing his team of employees. He discusses his ideas with them, and together they brainstorm on possible failures and how to solve them. Antony is a successful entrepreneur because he listens and considers other people’s concerns and visualizes those concerns in the future. Mr. Tomas also explains that an entrepreneur should take failed venture as a learning experience to evolve into a better and stronger individual for the next venture just like he did.

Nine 9

Nine9is refers to a UnAgency that specializes in talent. It incorporates new strategies in the reinvention and revolution of models and actors within the entertainment sector. The UnAgency is particularly interested in 99% of the talented individuals that were turned away by others in the entertainment industry. Nine9 are devoted to ensuring that such persons are absorbed and find desired roles in magazines, films, television, runway, music, and videos among several other casting roles in the field. Nine9 UnAgency has its operations in main cities of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Washington D.C and learn more about Nine9.

Also, Nine9 UnAgency takes advantage of the most recent technology to discover their talent from the database of talent. The UnAgency has active personnel who work hard to make sure that their clients are successful by fostering robust relations and opportunities.

More visit: https://nine9.com/castings

Tammy Mazzocco’s Work Ethic Made Her A Success In The Real Estate Industry

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Tammy Mazzocco is a highly successful real estate agent in Central Ohio. Prior to starting her career as a real estate agent, she had been a secretary and a condominium property manager. A number of people had encouraged her to become a real estate agent as she seemed to have a natural gift for it, including Ken Cook who had been both her boss and the owner of a real estate agency. Tammy earned her real estate license in 1995. In 1999 she became a full-time real estate agent at Judy Gang & Associates which is a RE/MAX agency located in Pickerington, Ohio.

As a real estate agent, Tammy Mazzocco has helped many clients successfully buy and sell homes over the years. She loves to document these sales, as well as the homes she is trying to sell, on her Facebook page which shows happy homeowners taking possession of their new homes. Tammy is driven to help people achieve their dreams in homeownership which had led to her having an excellent referral system. About 85% of the business she earns comes from either a repeat customer or someone that was referred to her by one of her satisfied customers. She also has found some success using lead generating companies which contact people by phone and transfer the live calls to her when they are interested in talking to a real estate agent.

Tammy has said that there are a few other ways to increase her sales. One is by cold calling which is an unpleasant task for most people but it sometimes something that is necessary in the real estate industry. She also has developed relationships with area fire stations and teachers. She found a good way to pick up clients is to leave gift baskets at school and fire stations which include goodies as well as sitting beside them her information and marketing material. She returns every month and replenishes everything which also helps her maintain contact with these places. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

In order to help her effectively meet the needs of clients, Tammy Mazzocco finds that setting specific goals that are broken down step by step is an effective tool. She sets goals that are broken down by day, week, and month in order to keep on target on track in order to meet their needs and her own personal goals.