Pizza Delivery Man from the Quincy Robbed

Police in South Brunswick have charged a young man at the Middlesex County jail in connection with the recent robbery that took place at the Quincy New Brunswick Hotel. The young man was charged based on some information that was discovered on his mobile phone.


Parysh Wood, who was twenty-one years old during the incidence is believed to have robbed the pizza delivery man from the Quincy hotel. The Quincy hotel is one of the most respected hotels in the region. The institution was established several years ago, and it mostly caters for the needs of travelers and business executives who are always on the move.


Since it was established, the hotel has earned its reputation as one of the best hotels in the area, serving clients with the best foods. The rooms in the hotel are also spacious and spotless, and this attracts many clients from the world. Visitors at the hotel are able to access entertainment facilities such as free Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool and many other important features.


The police in charge of the case, Sgt. Jim Ryan said that the police had already gathered enough evidence, and they were convinced beyond doubt that he was guilty of the armed robbery. According to the police, the robbery had taken place at around nine thirty in the evening at a parking lot located at the Quincy Circle. The victim, the pizza delivery man, said that he was attacked by people with handguns, demanding for all his money and the pizza he was coming to deliver.


One of the South Brunswick Detectives, known as Ron Seaman said that he has successfully obtained some mobile phone site information around the area and time of the robbery, and they were convinced that the young man was involved. Ron Seaman works with the Middlesex County Prosecutor Office, and he was responsible for collecting the information. The police also said that Wood, popularly known as Pistol by the street name, was helped by two other men in the incidence.


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