Susan McGalla Providing Suggestions to Women Professionals on How to Make it Big in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is amongst the most successful women executives in the corporate world, and she has achieved many milestones in her career as a business executive that many women dream of performing. Susan McGalla is an inspiration for many young girls and women professionals, who aim to make it big in the corporate world as well.

Susan McGalla feels that more and more women should come forward to realize their dreams in the corporate world without being suppressed by the glass ceiling. She says that even though the glass ceiling problem is there, it is nothing to worry about as the deserving women professionals know how to find their way. However, she also suggested ambitious women to plan their career well in advance as there is heavy competition in the corporate world, and the competition is even tighter on the top. There are very few women executives who have been able to become the leader of the companies or achieve the executive role positions. Even though things have drastically changed in the last couple of decades for women professional, there continues to be some amount of prejudice for women in this otherwise male-dominated corporate world.

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC and the Vice President for Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, feels that the women should ensure they get a top level education from the best of colleges, and must not compromise on it by any means. Susan McGalla says that knowledge is what would help women get admitted to the top tier corporate firms and help them achieve their dream positions in the corporate sector.

Susan McGalla says that even though there are many deserving women professionals out there, only a few have managed to rise to the top. She blames it on the lack of sponsorships in the companies as Susan McGalla believes that with the help of support and mentoring initiatives, it becomes easier for women to get ahead in their career. The sponsors can help the women professionals to understand the dynamics of corporate world more clearly, support and encourage them during their journey to success, and help highlight their achievements in front of the management.

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