Susan McGalla’s Success Speaks for Gender Equality

The playing field is leveling, but hasn’t quite obtained that stamp of equality when it comes to women in the professional market place and within the corporate world. Susan McGalla is an example of the women who are changing the face of business, in addition to changing the gender bias that has existed for far too long.

We want to believe that as a society, as the human race we have obtained a level of intellect and common sense that demands that people be judged by their skills, ability and character and not their gender. The truth is, we are getting there. Just as true, however, is that we have not yet arrived. Inequality in pay, the lack of female representation in board rooms and in the top tiers of management are evidence of the miles left to traverse.

Susan McGalla has risen to the ranks of leadership, and in the process has become more than just a role model for other women. Susan’s resume illuminates this success with such positions and titles as, President and CMO for the American Eagle brand, then being promoted to the role of CMO and President of the parent company, American Eagle Outfitters. Most recently that storied football franchise, (yes – football, an epicenter of the male world) the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that Susan McGalla was being brought on board as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Susan McGalla hasn’t just settled for showing other women and the world that gender equality is a smart and right move in the business sector, but has reached out to help other women understand not only what it takes, but how to uncover those talents within themselves to continue bridging the gender gap.

An article from bitsylink, details more about her accomplishments and her role as a woman who has become a successful leader, role model and voice for gender equality. Don’t expect Susan McGalla to speak about this gender inequality as much with words though, as she speaks most loudly as she has proven, by her success and actions.

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