Sussex Healthcare; the Premier Center for the Aged and Disabled

     Sussex healthcare is an organisation that takes care of the old who especially have health and social needs. Sussex Healthcare has its offices in Broadbridge health Horsham in West Sussex. They offer their services to people who have acquired brain injury and neurological diseases. They are expanding to also be able to take care of autistic patients and young people with disability. The group has been in operation for over 25 years and offers services that unique eachpatient. The group comprises of the well training academy and highly qualified nurses.

The center offers different services; these include care for older people, dementiacare, neurological care ad PMLD care. Care for older people ensures that the aged have enough activities and are active. Sussex healthcare ensures that all homes haveactivities like handicrafts, quizzes,music,cooking, and art therapy among others. The center also has access to very qualified occupational physiotherapists and reflexology. They ensure that the patient has the very best meals by having qualified chefs as part of their team.

Dementia care involves ensuring that the patient continues to be active through our various activities. The staff is taken through training to be able to offer the services which run for 24 hours in a day. The center also provides items like memory to assist the dementia patient to remember gone days.

The center provides support for diseases like Huntington disease,multiple sclerosis,motorneuron disease among others. The support has anin-house physiotherapist and their assistance,speech, and language therapist to ensure those with neurological conditions get the best help. Sussex healthcare has hydrotherapy pools and spa to help in relaxing of the patients. The center team works in conjunction with other specialist and consultants from hospitals like the National Hospital for Neurology, Royal Hospital and others to make sure the patients access all the help they need.

Sussex Healthcare also offers services to people with learning disability which are topnotch. The center provides therapeutic interventions and college activities which aid in further development of the patient. The center works closely with colleges and other institutions to tailor-make programs that people with disabilities can study. They also organize outreach programs which also aid the patient development.

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