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Just Who Is Dr. Jennifer Walden?

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The name Jennifer Walden is fairly common here in the U.S. The Jennifer Walden of this article is fairly different from other people who posses this name. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center has made a name for itself as of late. It is one of the most dynamic medical facilities in Texas because it offers a wide selection of cosmetic services. Jennifer Walden is the actual founder of this fine institution in which she opened after moving back to Austin, Texas. To simply state it, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the topic of discussion and this article is designed to shed a bit more light onto the situation.

This extraordinary woman works within a male-dominate field. Of the estimated 8,000 board-certified plastic surgeons, only 851 of the personnel are female. Dr. Walden just so happen to be one of the 851. On top of that number, 180 of this exclusive club are actual members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Yes, the numbers are a bit lop-sided, especially for female surgeons, but they provide superior services just like their male-counterparts. Dr. Walden has twin sons and two parents that are professionals in their own right. This woman is simply outstanding at everything that she does. She has also won numerous awards like:

• Texas Super Doctors of 2014
• Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors in 2016
• American Association of Plastic Surgeons Member
• And many more

This only scratches the surface of what she has accomplished, but she has been invited to speak for numerous television networks such as Fox News, NBC News and ABC News. She has also appeared in “Dr. 90210” television show. All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden is blazing a path to success, which other females can follow.

For details: www.zocdoc.com/doctor/jennifer-walden- md-2271