The Success of Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen’s idea was born out of a shared problem between Nathaniel Ru and two of his close friends. The trio saw an opportunity raised by the issue of finding healthier food alternatives on their campus. They later realized that the problem, in disguise, was a viable business opportunity. With three strong motives behind them, Nathaniel Ru and his other two friends joined forces to venture into the food industry. The three were primarily motivated by the fact that they wanted to solve a common problem, they wanted to make a significant difference as well as they complimented each other with the skills needed to run such an enterprise.


Almost six years after the trio’s decision to join forces, their output, Sweetgreen, has turned into a full-established food company with a specialty in organic food alternatives for people wanting a clean and green lifestyle and eating. Getting a space for their first outlet was their main problem at first. Fortuitously, their rental landlord coincidentally owned the space they had been eyeing. The tried various failed attempts to reach her over the phone until she agreed to meet them physically.


Contrary to their general opinion, when they met their landlord, she turned supportive and understanding of their young project. She additionally advised them to look for a professional architect who would help them polish their business plan. This added to their motivation, and according to Nathaniel Ru, they for once believed they had what it takes to implement their idea successfully. In three weeks, Nathaniel Ru and his partners had found a friendly architect as well as profound backers for their project. Nathaniel Ru points out that they are ever grateful to their landlord who showed full confidence in young entrepreneurs who had no prior experience in the restaurant venture.


Currently, Sweetgreen is a trendy organic food restaurant, which has opened up stores in various strategic areas including but not limited to, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and New York. Nathaniel Ru is an alumnus of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where he graduated with a Finance Bachelor’s degree in 2007. At Sweetgreen, Nathaniel serves as the Director as well as the Co-Chief Executive Officer. Nathaniel Ru leverages his extensive academic proficiency as well as managerial skills to facilitate growth and sustainable competitive advantage for their Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. Nathaniel Ru believes that whatever decisions one makes should last longer than their maker should. As such, Nathaniel Ru has successfully been influencing his society and influencing a positive life outlook I the communities they serve.

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    To have such level of lifestyle career is not easy to say the least, but Nathaniel has set himself up to make it work. By the day rush my essays keeps delivering for the ones who have their job to be handed in a short term period. As we see, this is one thing I like that the promotion of green will favor the farmers and healthy food suppliers.


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