The Ubuntu Fund Gala Raises Money with Andrew Rolfe

The recent ‘Ubuntu Education Fund charity’, organized in London, raised over £603,000. Andrew Rolfe and others met to raise money for the disadvantaged African children. The money is to be used to expand the children’s capacity at the Ubuntu’s ‘Port Elizabeth Campus’. Part of the cash will be used to improve the pediatric clinic operated by the campus. The fund raiser surpassed the target which was £600,000.

Of ‘Ubuntu Education Fund’

The fund caters to all the needs of these children from the time they are inducted to the campus until such a time as they can go out as career people. The fund was started in 1999 and specialized on addressing education related needs of the disadvantaged children. Education alone was not enough since children here also had to grapple with hunger and health and accommodation challenges.


The fund raising gala was chaired by Andrew Rolfe on the organization’s behalf. Speeches were made, but that of Sinesipho Rabidyani stood out. She told of how she was affected by her alcoholic dad as a child. She narrated how she dreded going back to their home from school fearing to find her dad there. She also told how she studied hard and was an ‘Ubuntu Fund scholar’. The mentorship she received from Ubuntu was her strength. She is now joining law school and cannot be happier. She told the gathering that she had succeeded in persuading her mother to leave her abusive spouse.

Sinesipho’s story encouraged contributions during the auction where a portrait and two paintings were put under the hammer. £33,000 was raised from these three items.

Concluding the Event

Ubuntu CEO explained the achievements of the fund. He especially pointed out the success reached by reducing HIV transmission from mother to child. Again the organization was happy to report that 90 percent of the children in their care go on to join university

Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is the Ubuntu Fund chairman. Andrew is the director of ‘TowerBook Capital Partners’. The company deals in hospitality and retail in America and across Europe.

His first master’s degree is in economics from Harvard University. He has another master’s degree which he earned at ‘St. Edmund Hall’ in Oxford. In 1988 he graduated with his first degree from ‘University of Oxford’.

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