Think Cell Phone Crime Stops Inside Prison Walls? Think Again!

One thing I truly doubt I could live without is my cell phone. It’s attached to me like a limb. However, I know that phones lead to a ton of cyber crime. When I think of this type of cyber crime I think of hackers, trying to get into my bank account or hack the password for my Target credit card – I never think about actual prison inmates or people being held in correctional facilities could use a phone for crime.


I recently learned about Securus Technologies, a massive leader in providing technology that keeps our prisons and correctional facilities safe from the crime and damage that can be done when a cell phone is brought in and given to an inmate. Securus works with over 2,600 correctional facilities. They provide technology like their “Cell Defender” technology that can spot a contraband cell phone and monitor calls and activity to see why the inmate risked so much to bring in a banned cell phone – usually a reason that is linked to illegal or illicit activity within itself. They also offer a wireless containment solution that makes sure even if a cell phone gets in to a facility it will be blocked from accessing any type of wireless connection.


An article on Securus in PR Newswire had some testimonials from people that worked with Securus Technology I found incredibly interesting. In one testimonial, it stated how the technology helped them find and arrest a corrections officer that was corrupt. Another said that the technology helped a sherrifs department find and confiscate millions of dollars of drugs, money and other illegal assets.


These testimonials were from real users and showed me just how important it was for our country’s correctional facilities to have such powerful technology at their fingertips to prevent crime that happens within the walls of those facilities.

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