Villanueva and MB2 Dental Unit

MB2 Dental Unit was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Villanueva is an active practitioner who has a vision of promoting the best practice in both corporate dentistry and private dentistry. Since he had been on both sides of the equation before, Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 with enough knowledge on how to furnish support without compromising one’s integrity. Establishing the business was based on the realization that dental practitioners were in need of specialized assistance that had no strings attached. MB2 was focused on more than just profit margins, as was the case in the traditional units. The positive values in the group have assisted the firm in expanding to 70 affiliated locations across six states. The firm has also employed 533 workers, who all hold the core value of excellence.

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MB2 Dental is a dentist-owned firm that focuses on personal growth, autonomy, support, as well as having fun together. The dentists’ practice in the venture benefit the customers and the innovation used in the firm improves operating standards, making the practitioners happy. Consequently, this instigates healthy organic business growth. The formation of the business was based on the need to create a model that incorporated the private practice and large group practice. The model sought to put doctors, and therefore patients first. Dr. Villanueva realized that dentists working together could help each other attain more than was possible if they worked individually. The corporate culture in the firm offers a youthful approach of how dental management and practice development should work. Testimonials reveal that the structure has changed the lives of dentists and patients positively. Learn more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on

Dr. Villanueva gets most of his ideas late at night when everyone is asleep. However, some of his businesses ideas also stem out of strange settings such as while playing video games with the kids. Moreover, Dr. Villanueva surrounds himself with brilliant people, always looking out never to be the smartest person in the room as that would lead to professional stagnation and death. He also believes in staying out of people’s way; he believes in hiring smart people, whom he does not need to supervise. Instead, he works on vision development. Furthermore, Dr. Villanueva believes that two are better than one, thus the high level of collaboration at MB2 Dental. He also believes in using technology to improve the customer experiences in the firm. Moreover, Dr. Villanueva says he has no ego and does not take himself so seriously. As a result, he allows himself to make mistakes, and he laughs at himself in such cases. Visit the company website MB2 Dental to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

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